<pre>Adhan Voice from Many Directions, Which Should Be Answered?


Adhan Voice from Many Directions, Which Should Be Answered?

Indonesia is the largest Muslim population in the world. Mosques and mushallas are everywhere. Even the Vice President, Jusuf Kalla claimed that Indonesia had the most mosques and prayer rooms in the world. No doubt the sound of the call to prayer is mutually mutually muted.

Hearing the call to prayer, which adhan should we answer? Is it only one or all the adhan we hear. Even the hadith mentions the suggestion to answer the call to prayer:


ا سَمِعْتُمِ الْمُؤَذِّنَ فَقُولُوا مِثْلَ مَا يَقُولُ

Meaning, “If you hear the sound of muezzin (say the call to prayer) then say as said by muadzin,” (See Imam Muslim, Sahih Muslim [Beirut: Dār Jīl, tanpa catatan tahun]juz II, page 4).

Now, where is the adhan specifically recommended to be answered when we hear such a lot of prayer, Imam An-Nawawi in the Book Al-Majmoo ' it explained that there are two opinions.

إذا سمع مؤذنا بعد مؤذن هل يختص استحباب المتابعة بالأول أم يستحب متابعة كل مؤذن فيه خلاف للسلف حكاه القاضي عياض في شرح صحيح مسلم ولم أر فيه شيئا لأصحابنا. والمسألة محتملة والمختار أن يقال المتابعة سنة متأكدة يكره تركها لتصريح الأحاديث الصحيحة بالأمر بها وهذا يختص بالأول لأن الأمر لا يقتضي التكرار وأما أصل الفضيلة والثواب في المتابعة فلا يختص والله أعلم

That is, “If you hear the voice (call to prayer) muezzins after another muezzin, is it recommended that you follow the first or recommended muezzin also answer all muezzin. There are a number of differences of opinion among the Salaf, as stated by Al-Qadhi Iyadh in Syarh Sahih Muslim. I (Imam An-Nawawi) did not find an opinion regarding this issue to the Syafi'iyah clerics. This problem has several possibilities. A more precise conclusion is that answering the legal adhan sunah muakkad (emphasized), makruh if left behind, based on the saheeh hadith explicitly ordered it. This is only specifically to answer the first adhan because the command does not show must be repeated. However, the virtues and rewards of answering the call to prayer are not only specific to answering the first adhan, “(See An-Nawawi, Al-Majmū Syarḥul Muhaddzab [Beirut: Dārul Fikr, tanpa catatan tahun]juz III, page 119). [19659002] From the above opinion it can be concluded that if there is a call to prayer, then the first call to prayer is enough. However, answering the adhan afterwards is also still given the virtue and reward.

Imam An-Nawawi reinforces the opinion which states that the disunnahkan is answering the first prayer, because according to him, the command to answer the adhan does not indicate a necessity to repeat ( Al-amr la yaqtadhit tikrār ). Allah in 1945 [19455].



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