Ini Dua Anjuran Menjelang Tidur dari Rasulullah SAW


Basmalah is the opening of every letter in the Koran. At least this is enough to be a reference for Muslims in reading basmalah when starting something good, for example when you want to travel, eat, study, work, sleep, and other positive activities try not to forget to start with basmalah.

(كل امر ذي بال لا “Every case that is good if it does not start with bismillahirrohmanirrohim, then it will be cut off.” , gambling, killing, and other illegitimate matters, of course in these circumstances it is not permissible to read basmalah, even the law is forbidden to read basmalah to initiate prohibited actions.

In the above hadith, the Prophet said “cut off” for anyone who starts good without beginning with basmalah. Cut is interpreted as a reduction in the end ap the quality of work, meaning blessings from charity that we do without being preceded by basmalah will decrease.


Like a cow, the price will go down when there is no tail. The cow's tail does not affect the quantity of the meat, but in the eyes of the trader it will reduce its quality.

Therefore, every time we want to do good or start work, try to start with basmalah. Want to eat for example. Sleep for the meal. As much as possible do not forget the basmalah in starting daily activities. Many features will be obtained when we get used to reading basmalah in everyday life.

One of the features of Basmalah, as stated by Imam Muhammad Nawawi Al-Jawi who quoted from Imam Ahmad As-Showi in his book “ Kasyifatussaja “the following:

ومن خواصها اذا تلاها شخص عند النوم احدى وعشرين مرة امن تلك الليلة من الشيطان وامن بيته من السرقة وامن من موت الفجاة وغير ذلك من البلايا.

” In between privilege owned by Basmalah, when someone reads it 21 times before going to sleep, then that night he will be saved from the disturbance of Satan, from laziness, from sudden death, and other disasters. “

Not a few people do not wake up after sleeping. There are also many people who are affected by demonic disorders (such as magic) when they are having a good night's sleep. Sloth homes are also usually when the occupants are too sleepy while sleeping. Therefore, at least by reading basmalah 21 times, we put our trust in Allah in order to protect us from unpleasant events during sleep.

Allah ta'ala a'lam.

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