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the latest news about the prayer of one of the ustadzahs who was worried that there would be no more worshiping Allah Swt if one of the 2019-2024 candidates for President of the Republic of Indonesia lost. The prayer gave rise to public reaction and criticism from many parties arose. Because, political issues should not be confused with religion.

Responding to the issue, Muhammadiyah Central Executive Secretary Abdul Mu'ti said that there was no need to worry that Allah would not be worshiped because of one party's defeat in politics. According to him, as long as there is Muhammadiyah, Allah will always be worshiped. Because, Muhammadiyah is not possible to pawn religion only because of practical and momentary political interests.

The figure of the birth of Kudus, Central Java reminded the political elite not to use the politicization of religion to gain the voice of the people. Religion is very high in position and should not be demeaned through practical political interests. “As long as there are Muhammadiyah, there is no need to worry that Allah will not be worshiped,” Mu'ti said as a guest speaker at a dialogue entitled “Politics Behind Da'wah” on Metro TV, Monday (25/2).


On the same occasion , Minister of Religion of Indonesia, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin invited elites and leaders to lay religion on the substance of their teachings. Lukman asserted that religion has noble teachings, namely to bring humanity into a noble civilization which has moral character. “Let us guard our religion from practical political interests,” he concluded.

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