Framing Politik PKS dan Narasi Santri-Kiai dalam Pilpres 2019


The presidential and vice-presidential election events are getting closer. The strategy launched by the two camps is getting more intense. This political contestation can be considered as a long political dynamics, one of which is a campaign period of 8 months. Since the time before the appointment of presidential and vice-presidential candidates until now, many interesting things have happened. One of them is abnormal thinking and behaving. This abnormality should be understood so that each individual can avoid himself from this abnormality.

What are these abnormalities then? The following will be briefly explained.

Simply put, heuristic can be interpreted as a mindset that takes decisions without any basis or modalities that can be accounted for. This mindset will lead to misguided perceptions. It could be, one of the factors in the hoax is because of this heuristic. For example, when the Indonesian government cooperates with China, it will be considered a communist stooge.


In fact, this conclusion is without a strong basis. In fact, cooperation between Indonesia and China is the same as Indonesia's cooperation with other countries. Thus, the notion that Indonesian communist minions are based solely on cooperation with China cannot be accounted for.


The political contestation featuring two pairs of presidential and vice-presidential candidates in 2014 and 2019 has led to ingroup-outgroup. Ingroup-outgroup is an attitude that considers individuals as part of a group on the basis of equality and vice versa, considers other people as a group outside themselves because they are different. This attitude then enlarged the polarization that occurred in Indonesia. Labeling cannot be avoided.

A group considers the other group wrong, even has been infidel and misguided. One group insulted and berated other groups only because of the different choices of candidates for president and vice president, even though they were still one nation and one religion. If left unchecked, this attitude will lead to the division of fellow children.


The meaning of prejudice is a negative attitude towards members of certain social groups. Prejudice involves negative feelings or emotions in people who are subjected to prejudice. In the general context, prejudice is divided into good and bad prejudices. However, in the context of social psychology studies, prejudice has a direction to a negative attitude. This prejudice will then cause intimidation. Some reasons people or groups carry out prejudice are to improve their image.

This can be seen in the attitude of each camp which creates prejudice in other camps so that the image of the group is elevated. In addition, prejudice also tends to be done because with prejudice, a person does not need to bother looking for clarification and valid data. So, whatever comes to him, is immediately accepted and eventually becomes prejudice.

Narcissistic tendencies

Basically, narcissism is a personality disorder in the study of abnormal psychology. Narcissism is a form of psychiatric disorder that has an over-self concern and is characterized by an arrogant and overconfident attitude.

In this paper it does not mean to assume narcissism that occurs in people associated with political dynamics as a personality disorder because the author do not have strong diagnostic evidence. However, when looking at some of their behavior, there will be found some indicators of narcissistic behavior.

For example, consider their group as a Muslim group of the Prophet who opposed the infidels, to the extent of imitating the prayer of the Prophet Muhammad during the Battle of Badr. In fact, in the presidential election, both pairs of presidential and vice-presidential candidates were Muslims. Associating with Muslims during the Prophet's period is a form of excessive and arrogant self-confidence, which is one indicator of narcissistic disorders. In fact, the attitude of linking groups like Muslim groups during the prophet's time has absolutely no divine, spiritual and factual foundation.

Aggression behavior

In the study of behavioral science, the behavior of aggression is not only in the context of physical contact. There are many kinds of aggression behaviors, including verbal aggression. This form of verbal aggression is insulting, berating, slandering, utterances of hatred, and the like. Verbal aggression behavior is often found in life, especially nowadays when political contestation heats up.

The distinctive characteristic of polite Indonesian society is only eroded only because of differences in choice. If left unchecked, the younger generation and children will learn about hatred and aggression. Therefore, this kind of behavior should be minimized by educating the public to learn about the maturity of political attitudes.

After knowing the various forms of abnormality, then as a society that wants continued peace in Indonesia, it should try to prevent these abnormalities from continuing. The question is, will we?

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