Kisah Asmara Abdullah bin al-Mubarak yang Berujung Penyesalan


At the Battle of Uhud, when the second war broke out, the Messenger of Allah became an easy target for invading enemy forces. Thalhah who was monitoring the condition of the Apostle immediately swiftly headed in that direction. The Apostle's cheeks began to bleed, his body limped in an uncertain direction, he was furious and angry, he swung his pointed sword to protect the body of the Apostle. ] “O Allah, take my blood today as you wish until You Rida.” No matter how many swords or arrows pierced him, he still embraced the Prophet as if he was not willing to stab on the noble body of the Apostle.

] “If you want to see a martyr who is still walking on the face of the earth,” as soon as the Prophet said, “Look at the Talha”. And Thalhah, who since the war of Uhud broke his fingers, smiled shyly as he shed happy tears. Abi Hatim from Ibn Sa'ad originating from Abu Bakr ibn Muhammad ibn 'Amr ibn Hazm. That, one day Thalhah talked with Ayesha, the beloved wife of the Prophet who was also his cousin.

The Prophet came by showing a face of pias dislike. He is jealous. With a gesture, he asked Ayesha to enter the room. Thalhah was embarrassed, her face flushed, she retreated and muttered to herself, “He forbade me to chat with Ayesha. Even though he is my cousin. For Allah's sake, if he died, I would not let anyone before me apply for Ayesha. “


The murmur of the Throne made the Throne vibrate, the revelation said. Allah says in Surat al-Ahzab verse 53 “If you ask for something (necessity) for the Prophet's wives, then ask from behind the hijab. Thus it is more sacred to your heart and their hearts. And you must not hurt (the heart) of the Messenger of Allah and not (also) marry his wives after he dies forever. “

When the verse was read to him, Thalhah cried. He was ashamed of Allah and His Messenger. Ibn Abbas said; “He then freed his slave, donated his property which could be transported by ten camels and performed umrah on foot as repentance from his words.”

Later, still with a feeling of love named after his little daughter Aisha. Aisyah binti Talhah. Beautiful and smart woman. Quite a lot of the Prophet's hadith narrated from him. Noble woman who will become a pearl in her day with her beauty, intelligence and wisdom. Just like Aisyah bint Abi Bakar, a woman whose father once loved her.

Wallahu Allam.

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