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This is the Full Text of Neno Warisman's Poetry that is Considered Forcing God



Neno Warisman read poetry on the night Munajat 212 at Monas. Poetry was widely circulated on social media and sparked debate, because one part of the poem was considered a netizen forcing God to pray. Here's Neno Warisman's full poem that we copied from poetry videos that are spread on social media:

Munajat poems I deliver to you, millions of hearts are here. You are all brothers and sisters and we are recorded together as a lantern of the universe.

Your eyes shine, O brothers, tear doubts, destroy pride, because your spies are clear, preach the message of victory that is longed for, God willing surely it will come.

Allahu Akbar


Victory of a clean heart, the victory of clear common sense, the triumph of movements that act selflessly, from this chest have been determined, we are helpers the religion of God, do not obstruct, do not refute, do not politicize, because this is a conscience, from our mouths we have prayed, dhikr, and revolving prayer, flowing in the direction of the stars of many millions, united in 212. Billions of sunsets my brother, glued himself, into a gigantic cloud of light in the universe, proof of the greatness of Allah 'Azza wa Jalla that's how we are me.

We should glue each other, O fighters fi sabilillah on the road, let's move on, let's glue the people, make your lines strong and stick together, glue your Indonesia, glue your souls, glue the steps and your actions.

O God, millions of hands of your religious fighters, clenching their fists, shouting them, howling they are in every inch of the air, until they are born victorious takbir. Victory at the end tired, echoing. Takbir is muttering. Millions of prayer rugs we will scatter for a while more friends, millions of heads, crying prostrate, grateful, wet tears in happy victory, soon to arrive.

Allahumma inni a'udzubika min jahdil bala wa darqil syaqa, wa suil qada ', wa syamadatil a'da 'keep us from disaster, which we cannot overcome, protect us from the joy of those who hate us, glue our patriotic souls in sincerity, in our veins, in the hearts we, on our shoulders, in the fingers of those who have chosen to always be alone, we and Allah [Grace] Jalla always together, we and the Messenger of Allah are lovers of the universe, always together, we and our brothers and sisters guarding each other, always together, we and leaders who defend the rights of the whole people.

God, Rabb, do you not make our hearts like cowards, cowards, because we are born in the land of brave heroes who are willing to sacrifice lives body, har ta and everything. Do not make our hearts negligent and trembling, because we were born and raised guided by our scholars who are patient, settled our hearts to become warriors who dare to side with the right.

God, do not you make our hearts closed from the light of truth -Mu, which lights up in the night-night munajat when you come down to the world you have witnessed us stand up O Allah, we ask to cry, to wet ourselves to You, all our hopes are desirable, will You help or You perish, will You win or do you destroy, that is your right.

But we beg you, don't leave us to them, who don't have affection for us and our children and grandchildren. And don't leave us, and win us, because if you don't win us worry O Allah, we worry O Allah, there is no more worshiping you, O God, allow us, have a generation led by the best leader with the best troops for the best and the best prosperous country, destined for us a generation that we can rely on, to pursue the second, manifest and real prophecy, and the birth of a million al-Fatih on Indonesian soil.

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I read Allah Rabb, this poem munajat with my brothers, mujahidah, who came in droves from all directions, this is munajat poetry, knocking on the gates of heaven Mu, kneeling in the face of concern for injustice, over arbitrariness, for lies for lies, for fear and threats that are spread out, for arrogance in tyranny, which is exhibited in the performance of power that dwarf God, who challenges the power of God, who does not believe that God is the perfect avenger.

Rabb, you have absolute power in the entire universe.

Allah, this poetry munajat tapping the door of heaven -Mu, bring down the marching angels, and the birds ababil, and Ibrahim's firefighting ants, munajat full of hope to reduce the help promised to the deprived, for the slanderous leader, for the cleric who is in prison, for the fighters who continue to be blocked -adadang, for justice defenders who are in the midst of the hospital chambers.

“Shalawat Asyghil”

For a better future, for leadership that sits with the people, with You and with Your Messenger in the height of the command -Mu, we have a degree, get us out of the dark, get us out of the dark, get us out of the dark, Amin, Allahumma Amen, Rabbal 'Alamin.

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