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Rape cases are still rampant, lately it has even afflicted children to old grandmothers. Rape cases have also occurred at the time of the Prophet Muhammad.

In the narrative of Abu Daud and Tirmidhi, it is stated that at the time of the Prophet, there was a woman who went out to pray in congregation. But in the middle of the trip he met a man. The man forced him to have sex. The woman refused but the man managed to rape her, while the woman was only able to shout. After being satisfied, the man fled and fled.

Then another man passed by before him, he wanted to help the woman. But the woman actually thought that she had raped her. The incident happened at night so he could not recognize the man who raped him clearly.


At the same time, a group of Muhajirins passed by, the woman said, “That person has treated me like this and this (raped me)!” , the man ran away.

So the group left to chase a man who was suspected of having raped the woman and brought him before him. “Has this man raped you?” “Yes, this man has raped me”, he replied.

They finally brought the poor man to the Prophet Muhammad. So, when the law of stoning was to be dropped on the man (who was accused), the man who raped the woman stood up and confessed to him while saying “O Messenger of Allah, I am the one who raped him.”

So, congratulations on men the accused was from stoning. The Prophet Muhammad then approached the woman and said “Go, Allah has forgiven you (because he was forced). He then said good words to men who had been accused.

The Messenger of Allāh berkata also said “Sharpen him (the perpetrator)”. He then said: “He has repented (with admission), if it were repentance is distributed to all the people of Medina, surely the repentance will be accepted. [19659005] In another hadith Ibn Majah narrated: [1965901million] استكرهت امرأة على عهد رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم, فدرأ عنها رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم حد, وأقامه على الذي أصابها, ولم يذكر أنه جعل لها مهرا.

A woman was raped at the time of the Prophet, then hudud punishments do not apply to him. Finally the hudud sentence was carried out on the man who had raped him, nor was he mentioned giving a dowry to the woman (Ibn Majah)

Based on the above hadith, a man who committed rape was dropped. Whereas women who were raped (by force) were not dropped. Also note that the Had will not be dropped unless the offender acknowledges his actions.

Regarding the dowry, the Imam of the Madzhab still disagree. Imam Hanafi does not require dowry, because according to him dowry is a gift from a husband to his wife. The Imam Shafi'i said that the man who raped must give a dowry for what he did. As mentioned in the book [Al-Fiqh 'ala madzahib al-'arba'ah]:

اا استكره الرجل المرأة على الزّنا ، وقيم عليه الحد إذا حملت المرأة وعليها العدة

If a man forces a woman to commit adultery, then he is dropped, and he (woman) is not dropped because he is forced, he gets a dowry, and the nasab is set for the man if the woman it was pregnant, and the iddah period also applies to him.

Rape is a cruel act. Victims may experience trauma for the rest of their lives. Therefore, Islam is very protective of women and he was freed from the had. In fact, he was actually given a dowry paid as compensation and respect for the women.

Wallahu a'lam bisshowab

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