Beranda Nahdlatul Ulama English Beauty and Validity Are Not Worthy of Glory

Beauty and Validity Are Not Worthy of Glory

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The only 'enemy' that cannot be resisted is aging. Because, aging must occur with increasing age. Therefore, do not ever be troubled by changes that occur to yourself.

This was stated by Ustadz Abdurahman Al-Jambuany when giving tausiyah in the NU Muslimat Recitation in Glagahwero Village, Kalisat District, Jember, East Java, Monday (11/2) night.

According to him, the process of human aging occurs naturally. Although endeavored in any way, human age cannot be inhibited, and will be followed by a change of self toward signs of aging.

“The original is handsome and handsome, eventually weak and helpless. The original one is beautiful, finally it will disappear altogether. That is for sure. It cannot be resisted, “he said.

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Caregivers of the Nurul Huda Islamic Boarding School, Kalisat, then elaborated on the phases in human life. He said, old age is the last phase that must be lived by humans (if not die young). While quoting Imam Al-Qurtubi in his book, Al-Jami'ul Ahkamil Qur'an, Ustadz Abdurahman said that the mansus was in the old category if he passed 40 years of age.

“Based on that, anyone who is 40 years old , he was included in the last phase of his life, old, “he explained.

In this phase, physical strength gradually began to weaken, the sharpness of eye vision began to decrease, so needed a tool to see. Memory also decreases, skin begins to wrinkle and hair turns white gradually.

“If it's like that, what do people want. Beauty and good looks and prowess are not worthy of glory. What deserves to be glorified is good deeds for the dead, “said Ustadz Abdurahman.

Next after the old age, death will be followed. Death is the end of human life in the mortal world.

“According to the Prophet Muhammad, human age is between 60 and 70 years. There are more than 70 years old but few, “he explained.

The recitation was routine recitation Muslimatan where participants were dominated by elderly women (elderly) and widows (Red: Aryudi AR) .

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