Beranda Nahdlatul Ulama English Not Only Art, Music for NU Residents is also a Da'wah Media

Not Only Art, Music for NU Residents is also a Da'wah Media

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Music is not only about art, entertainment and markets. Indonesian Muslim Cultural Arts Institute (Lesbumi) Depok Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (PCNU) saw there was another dimension of art, namely da'wah.

“The art of music is not limited to understanding markets and entertainment but we as Nahdliyin there are missionaries that we cannot then limit it to a variety of rules, “said Nur Arif, Lesbumi PCNU Depok adviser, during the Focus Group Discussion on the Qanuniyah Bill Drilling the Pre-National Conference of Konbes 2019 NU, at the 5th floor PBNU Building, Jalan Kramat Raya 164, Jakarta, Monday (11/2).

For him, music is also a missionary media so this dimension also needs attention. This is what pesantren do in utilizing these cultural instruments. Because, the strong flow of transnationalism needs to be dammed.

“There are so many strong currents, transnationalism liberalism that we face and this will erode our national identity a lot,” he explained.

Another problem according to the University of Indonesia biomedical academics who are also fans of this music is certification. This is because the pesantren community, including the women in the taklim assembly who often modify prayer songs with musical accompaniment.

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“How about this? Does this need to be certified later?” He said.

Besides that, the RUU Permusi also said he seemed to be bureaucratizing the art of culture. Because, artists are governed by various conditions in the Act.

“Something that is creative cannot be approached with a very procedural and rational approach,” he said.

Arif also revealed that the diversity of Indonesia cannot be united in this aspect of music with a western approach. Because, each has its own characteristics. It should be more appropriate if included in legal language is specialist text.

“This western approach baseline is sometimes not connected (connected) with approaches that exist among ourselves, especially in the pesantren tradition, for example,” he said. (Syakir NF / Muhammad Faizin)

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