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Awaiting Ustadz Somad with Nationality Politics Like Muhammadiyah and NU

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Gathering of Ustaz Abdus Somad (UAS) to Habib Luthfi bin Yahya (Pekalongan) and Kiai Maimoen Zubaer (Sarang) some time ago gave rise to a variety of interpretations, especially political interpretations. Not only the second session of the retainer of the Nahdlatul Ulama, the National Examination also pilgrimage to the tomb of Hadlrotus Syaikh Hasyim Asyari and the 4th President of the Republic of Indonesia KH. Abdurrahman Wahid in Tebuireng, Jombang.

As is known, Abdus Somad is the name of the ustaz figure who has continued to fly in the last two years. He is quirky and interesting. Ustaz Somad, as he was familiarly called, dared to appear full of energy in the current controversy around him. Whatever was said by the public, Ustaz Somad did not move and continued to move in accordance with the rules and rules of religion that he always conveyed. In essence, he always appeared bold and convincing.

In the flow of national politics, the name UAS was quite widely discussed. In fact, he was sometimes suspected of being Prabowo's companion in the arena of the 2019 Presidential Election through “ulama ijtima”. It turned out that the dipper was not welcomed, UAS rejected the “proposal” for politics. It was said by the UAS, that he wanted to focus on the path of da'wah.

The problem was that UAS in the past had often been offside to talk about what did not become its field. Even at a certain point, his lecture actually ignited noise rather than spreading shade. Anything is always discussed by the UAS, with a religious approach, of course, insofar as there are congregations questioning through a piece of paper in a recitation assembly. Yes, people ask, UAS answers.

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UAS, for example, once made a shocking statement regarding hell and coffee relations at Starbucks (2018). Although actually between Starbucks and Ustadz Somad are two different things, but each has similarities, which is full of controversy.

And the controversy is quite well known, for example, when UAS commented on the hijab phenomenon Rina Nose (2017) with physically disabled without what is the matter behind the (difficult) decision that the person is releasing the hijab. Or, in one of Ustaz Somad's video lectures known at the HTI Congress in Riau, UAS (2018) said that the Messenger of Allah for 40 years of life could not realize Islam rahmatan lil 'alamin.

The reason was that the Prophet only prayed to himself and family. Not only that, in a video that was widely spread on social media, Ustaz Somad (2018) also mentioned the term “sharia bribe”. It is clear that this has sparked controversy, because between bribes and sharia are two very different words.

Combining the two words is of course very damaging to the meaning. The reason is simple, bribing is clearly contrary to the rules of sharia, and more than that because the term sharia is juxtaposed with criminal practice. After all, where might there be sharia bribes? Misguided thinking is very dangerous.

In fact, it was not enough, UAS also had time to “challenge” the polemic by spreading hoaxes in connection with one of the NU leaders, Kiai Ahmad Ishomuddin (2018). It was said by UAS that Kiai Ishom was a kiai who was lying about the title of hajj, a lie as well as his doctorate, and added as a kiai who had not been circumcised. This viral video has shocked the public, especially residents.

So, with the UAS reaching the NU ranks, will it have a significant effect on the pattern of UAS preaching — from what makes noise to the words of shade? Yes you can, you can't.

Yes, because UAS deserves public optimism. With the mastery of the religious clusters of science, both formally and culturally, he is clearly far superior to other populist ustaz who are merely looking for sensations but poor in reference.

Meanwhile, it may not be, if UAS scholarship is not upgraded along with the dense flying hours of his lecture. Because, citing Dr. Abdul Moqsith Ghazali (2018), people who lecture too often, he will lack time to read. That's where the disaster started.

Yes, I don't doubt if the UAS lecture schedule is so crowded. In fact, in just one area, UAS can be three or four lectures, or even more. And, therefore it does not rule out the possibility if the UAS forgets that the lecture material at any time must be reduced, moreover the schedule is very crowded. At the same time, a tight schedule certainly does not open the UAS space and time to read. From here, disaster will begin.

But one thing is certain, with the UAS coming to NU, I believe that this will automatically change its movements and political attitudes. Not about Paslon zero-one or zero-two. But, more than that, it is time for the UAS to talk about national politics in harmony with the national khittah or the Qanun Asasi inherited from Rais Akbar NU Hadlratus Syaikh Hasyim Asy'ari.

Because the noble values ​​of religion are one of the foundations in national life state. And, it became the big responsibility of the ulama, kiai, ustaz, and the da'i in instilling the noble values ​​of all the people

Didn't the founding fathers of this nation have been aware of the basic principle from the beginning? So that the first principle in Pancasila is the One Godhead. Yes, this is the national consensus that was born out of the founding fathers, including the scholars who were recognized for their religiousness and national commitment.

So, from here UAS should study. Whereas his title as Ustadz, even now Habib Lutfi as Sheikh Abdus Somad (SAS) has been appointed, must make it a public figure who gives examples and models to the community. And, of course, I am waiting for Ustadz Somad, a nationalist politician like Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama. Wish

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