Beranda Nahdlatul Ulama English Dialogue of Prophet Jesus and Satan concerning Gibah

Dialogue of Prophet Jesus and Satan concerning Gibah

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Maybe, all this time we think that actions are just ordinary mistakes, even consider them not as mistakes, so often our tongues are used to gossip, reveal, and spread the shame of others; or so lightly our fingers are used to write swear words and insults to others through social media. Na‘udzu billah .

Even though it is an act of great sin, it is mentioned in the Koran. And do not search for the ugliness of people and do not gossip about one another, (Surat Al-Hujurat verse 12).

According to the scholars, among the criteria for acts of great sin are prohibitions and threats mentioned directly in the Koran. However, before entering into threats and consequences of these actions, it is better to see how understanding is itself. Because, there may be a lot of people doing wrong because they have not recognized the boundaries.

A friend once asked the Prophet Muhammad, “Is that wrong, O Messenger?” He explained, “(Gibah) tells your brother something that is not liked it. “

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The friend asked again,” What if what I told you was really happening to my brother? “

Answered by the Prophet Muhammad,” If what you tell is really happening, then you have stirred it up . However, if what you say does not happen, it means you have done a lie to him. “

From the above hadith, it can be concluded that it means to tell what happened to other people who when heard by the person they were told would not like it, even if what what was told was really happening to him.

One day, Siti 'Aisha had told a story before the Prophet about a woman. Lastly, Siti 'Aisyah concluded, “How short the woman is, Rasul!” Hearing this, she immediately rebuked, “Really you have gossiped about it.” The statement of the Prophet Muhammad hinted that if Siti' Aisha heard this, surely do not like it, even though the condition of the woman is indeed the case.

Strangely, why do the perpetrators do it as if they get their “pleasure” while doing it. It is not surprising because Satan always tempts humans through various doors, including from this flap.

It is said that the lips of those who like to do things are devastated by Satan covered with honey, as Al-Ghazali narrates in Mukâsyafatul Qulub . The goal is that they always feel “sweet” when discussing and spreading the shame of people.

It is said, on a journey, the Prophet Isa (AS) once met a devil who was carrying honey in one hand and carrying ashes in the other.

by Prophet Isa, “What will you do with honey and sand, O enemy of Allah?”

The devil replied, “I will rub this honey on the lips of the experts so that they feel sweet and are increasingly active in doing it. While I poured this ashes on the faces of the orphans, so that people felt resentful towards them. “Wallahu 'alam .

( Ustadz M Tatam Wijaya


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