Beranda Islami Islami English This is Ustadz Abdul Somad's Companion Note when Meeting NU Ulama

This is Ustadz Abdul Somad's Companion Note when Meeting NU Ulama

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The virtual world these days was excited by the meeting of Ustad Abdul Somad, who was now known by the Sheikh by Habib Lutfi, with several elderly ulema Nahdlatul Ulama and caregivers of Islamic boarding schools in East Java.

Abdul Somad's visit could not be separated from one figure of Kyai Muda, KH Afifudin Dimyathi, one of the caregivers of the Darul Ulum Islamic Boarding School, Rejoso, Jombang.

When a variety of allegations from several circles related to the visit, Gus Awis, his nickname, gave a note as a clarification through his personal Facebook account. Here is the note:

“In the series of trips and the pilgrimage of NU's chassis, the pilgrimage that was completed, I took many lessons, I saw a concern, I wanted to convince all of them, that the scholars, both I accompanied (Sheikh Abdul Somad), and those we serve, and I believe other scholars, are figures who are very concentrated in fostering people and nation, their attention to this nation, exceeds our attention to our children.

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I see an education, education the elders to the young generation of the nation's successors, always flowing like heavy water ready to flow in all directions.

I saw a ketawadhuan, the skills of the scholars in interacting, in speaking, in behaving, in response to requests, it was too high for us follow.

I see a sincerity, the sincerity of our country's poro scholars remains immeasurable, this is very difficult to explain with kat a-kata, because it can only be felt by people who often interact with them.

I see a responsibility for fulfilling promises, the promise of poro ulama, as if they continue to appear before them, so that they keep remembering them.

Poro The kiai that we visited and met and Ust (Shaykh) Abdus Shomad who traveled this silaturahmi presented examples that were very appropriate to take lessons.

I witnessed thousands of smiles and hospitality born of a meeting, shaking hands, light dialogues , or even a photo request together, this is what gives us a reason to continue to believe that in reality the real world is not as cruel as cyberspace.

Everything is very melting, soft and pleasant.

There is absolutely no political element in the tour this time, because we had planned together with Ust (Shaykh) Abdus Shomad almost one and a half years ago. It is only the density of da'wah calls in the community which has been delaying the implementation of this plan.

I am sure, if there is an opportunity for friendship again, surely he will happily live it …

May Ust (Syekh) Abdus Shomad meet with Maulana Habib Lutfi bin Yahya, Hadratus Syaikh KH. Maimun Zubair, KH. Sholahuddin Wahid and Masyayikh Tebuireng, Masyayikh PP Denanyar, Masyayikh PP Tambak Beras, Masyayikh PP. Darul Ulum, Masyayikh PP. Langitan, also his meeting with PWNU East Java Rois Syuriah KH. Anwar Mansur, East Java masses who attended our Haul Father's event, H. Ahmad Dimyathi Romly, and the santri and congregation of the Nahdlatul Ulama Jombang brought blessings to him and increased his enthusiasm to always be khidmah on the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah -An Nahdliyah- [19659005] Big thanks to Dr. KH. Fadlolan Musyaffa Mu’thi for all assistance and facilities.
And may Allah SWT always take care of our scholars, and classify us with them fid daarain …

I am also sure our Father, H. A. Dimyathi Romly smiled happily watching our series of activities. Fa Lahu AL Fatihah.

إنْ أردتُ الا الإصلاح ما استطعْتُ وما توفيقي إلا بالله ، عليه توكلتُ وإليه أنيبُ

Jombang, Feb 11 2019

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