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When Angels of Death Are Confused Because They Can't Revoke Spirit

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Without saying goodbye, the Angel of Death was about to take the spirit of Fulan. The various ways the Angels uproot the soul of each servant's body. This time, the Angel of Death took the spirit of the Fulan from the mouth but never could.

Apparently the mouth of Fulan was dhikr to God, “There is no way for you Angel to pull my spirit through my direction,” Lisan continued, extend every thing because it only engages in dhikr to Allah SWT. “

The Angel of Death, with no return, faces the Lord while complaining about the rejection of His servant, the Fulan. “Take it from the other direction,” cried the Lord to the Angel of Death.

Hands, is the second direction chosen by the Angel to pull out the spirit of Fulan. Fulan's hand said, “I made a lot of gestures, stroking the head of the orphan, writing well. Not from my direction you take my soul. “

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The Angel of Death returns to his Lord and exactly the words that are said by the hand of Fulan. “Take from the other direction,” again, God told the Angels. Then, the foot is the direction chosen by the Angel of Death to pick up the spirit of the Fulan.

“I lightened the steps to pray in congregation, performed two prayers on the feast, and I tirelessly walked towards the majlis taklim. I am not the direction to attract that spirit, “said the angel to the Angel.

Even the Angel of Death returns to the Lord with the story exactly what the foot says. God answered with the same decree. Furthermore, malikat take the spirit of the Fulan from his ear. “I listened to the recitation of the Koran, listened to the call to prayer, and listened to the dhikr. Your direction for taking my spirit is not mine, “eared ears.

Again, the Angel of Death failed. Again facing God, the Angel again received the same command. Two eyes were then chosen to snatch Fulan's spirit. “We both saw the Qur'anic manuscripts, looked at the faces of scholars, looked at both parents, and looked at pious people. Nor is it your direction to take away the spirit, “said the eyes.

The Angel of Death then turned away. Which other direction can he lead to take this Fulan's life. Finally the Angel returned to God while saying, “My God, Your servant, the Fulan, every direction I have taken to take my soul always has an answer,” reported the Angel to his Lord.

“O Angel of Death, write the name -I am in the palm of your hand then show your palm to the soul of my servant, “commanded the Lord.

Immediately the Angel met the soul of the Fulan. Without lingering, the Angel immediately showed his palm in the name of Allah SWT. After the spirit of Fulan saw the palm of the Angel that read Allah's asthma, as fast as lightning the spirit came out from the body of the Fulan. He did not feel the slightest pain. Naza (the release of the soul of the human body).

Wallahu a'lama.

This story is quoted from the book ] Daqaiq al-Akhbar by Imam Abdurrahim bin Ahmad al Qadhi.

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