Beranda Islami Islami English Rasulullah SAW Married Underage Children, Really?

Rasulullah SAW Married Underage Children, Really?

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Lately there have been writings in a book entitled “ Aisha Only Early Marriage, Peeping Intently at Aisha's Marriage with the Messenger of Allah .” In this book it is mentioned that early marriage is the practice of the sunnah ( ittiba 'to the Prophet (PBUH).

Moreover, this book provokes people to marry children with a number of very sexist and patriarchal reasons (only male sex interests), regardless of the condition of women and the purpose of marriage. [19659002] The question is, is it true that the Prophet married 'Aisha at the age of 6 years? If true, it means that Islam allows underage marriage. If Islam allows the marriage of minors it means that Islam violates the rights of children. If violating children's rights means Islam violates human rights. Really?

The Qur'an does not clearly mention the minimum age of a person to marry, both male and female. The minimum age limit for marriage that is often referred to is the hadith which is narrated by Hisham bin 'Urwah which states that the Prophet SAW married' Aisyah bint Abi Bakr when Ayesha was 6 years old, but 'lived at home' after Ayesha was 9 years old.

'Ayesha when she was married to the Prophet was 9 years old, and was coed at the age of 12. It turns out that all of these traditions come from the history of Hisham ibn 'Urwah, who recorded from his father.

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There is no other isnad (narration) that narrates similar traditions. Very strange, no one in Medina narrated the hadith. Though many of the disciples of Imam Malik ibn Anas were famous in Medina, but they did not narrate this hadith.

It is known that the history of this hadith comes from the Iraqis, where Hisham ibn 'Urwah had lived there after moving from Medina at the age of old. This hadith is narrated by Hisham at the age of 71.

There are a number of records of Hisham ibn Urwah. According to the records of Ya'qub bin Syaibah, “Hisham is very trustworthy and his history is acceptable, except for what he told me after moving to Iraq.” Imam Malik ibn Anas rejected the history of Hisham which was recorded from Iraqi people. Other information was obtained from [Mizan al-I'tidal] “When old age, Hisham's memory experienced a striking setback.”

Based on this information, Hisham's memory was very bad and after moving to Iraq his history could not be trusted . Thus, his history of marriage age ‘Aisyah also cannot be trusted.

Age‘ Ayesha 6 or 9 years when married to Rasulullah SAW contrary to historical facts. According to most historians, including Ibn Hajar al-qAsqalani, Abdurrahman bin Abi Zannad, and Ibn Kathir, said that the difference in age between 'Aisyah and her sister Asma' was 10 years. According to Ibn Kathir in the book al-Bidayah wa al-Nihayah, Asma ’died in 73 AH at the age of 100 years. According to al-Hafidh Abu Na'im, Asma 'was born 27 years before the emigration of the Prophet Muhammad. “Thus, at the time the Prophet SAW moved to Yathrib the age of Asma' 27 years (622 AD).

If Asma 'was 27 years old when The Prophet moved, then the age of 'Aisha when the Prophet migrated means 17 years. Rasulullah SAW married ‘Aisha in the first year of hijrah. Thus, the age of yah Aisha when married to the Prophet Muhammad meant between 17 or 18 years, not 6 or 9 years. []

Wallahu Allam.

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