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Looking for the Enemy Narrative of Islam – co

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Often I find narratives that roam on social media about “enemies of Islam”. Framing, narrative, attacking campaigns are easy to find. There are things that are created to hate different or hostile things that are considered out of the limits of religious norms.

Liberals, Jews, Secularists, Communists, Capitalists, Atheists, Chinese, Foreign Ministers, American Agents, LGBT, Shiites, Kafirs, PKI, Penista, maybe there are more narratives that readers meet that are used to label 'heresy' or 'enemies of Islam'?

Different views or having certain political affiliations are judged as enemies of Islam. Anything that does not agree with their opinions or views is easily suspected in the same vein: enemies of Islam.

I am reminded of Gus Dur's humor which was accused of being an infidel. Gus Dur replied: “Yes, it's okay, just say two sentences of creed, already Islam again”. Gerr, the others laughed.

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Actually religion like that. Relax, full of jokes. It does not need pethentengan . Any accusation will not make the value or quality of one's worship come down in the eyes of the Creator.

Keep being funny and free, gaes!

Gegeran people

Today people really like to fight , because it's not strong with differences. Every time I read the status of the WA group, the enemy increased.

In fact, there were people who posted their status every day, then they were denied by friends who had different views with him, then what happened? delete (me remove / unfriend friendship. Think of it: he is not my group.

Does the current generation type “understand a little — disagree — then get angry”? Maybe this is an afterthought for us netizens who are blessed by Allah SWT.

Reflection material:

“Have we really defended religion or dropped other people? So far, we want Islam to be victorious or is Islam victorious? What do we aim for or fight for is better people or people who like brawls? People who are rahmatan lil 'alamin or trouble maker ? “

It all depends on the intentions or intentions of each: we choose which one?

Imitating Da'wah Prophet

Remember the story of the Prophet Muhammad who was stoned when he arrived in the village of Aqobah (Tha'if) by someone who hated him? In fact, the angel Gabriel also called the Prophet, if I need help, I will call the mountain guardian angel to merge those who act arbitrarily to you, O Muhammad. However, the Prophet even prayed and hoped that God might remove from their ribs (descendants) who worshiped the One God and did not associate with Him (HR. Bukhori-Muslim).

Do we not often hear this story? From our teachers, clerics, or kiai.

The Prophet never taught: seek as many enemies as you can while you are still alive. Moreover, say: your enemies are between one Muslim and the other.

During the era of ignorance — before the arrival of Islam — there were two tribes whose work was a fight, hostility, hatred, mutual revenge, and very strong fanaticism . Namely: the Aus tribe and the Khazraj tribe. But after Islam came, they lived together, harmoniously, and loved one another. This was inseparable from the touch of the preaching of the Prophet Muhammad. who teaches compassion and instills brotherly values ​​for the two tribes.

Then, if there are people whose hobbies are searching for enemies, making argument narratives, and like to be angry, who is the prophet he follows? if at present the Prophet is still alive and still considers the person to be his people, surely the Prophet is confused about how to boast. Wallahhu a'lam.

Muhammad Autad An Nasher the author is a caregiver at the Jogja Institute.

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