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One day Imam Syafii came to visit Imam Ahmad's house. After dinner together, Imam Syafii also performed the Isha prayer then entered the room provided by Imam Ahmad and he immediately lay down until tomorrow Fajar.

Princess Imam Ahmad who observed the arrival of Imam Syafii from the beginning to entering the room to sleep asking his father “Father, … my father always praised and said that the Imam of Syafii was a very ulama of Alim. But after I noticed a lot of things that were not pleasing to me and he seemed to be not as perfect as I thought . “

Imam Ahmad was rather surprised to hear his daughter's confession, then Imam Ahmad asked,” He is very pious , my daughter. Why do you say that? “His daughter said again,” I noticed there were 3 shortcomings in Imam Shafii, my father. First, when he was treated to food he ate very heartily. Second, then he slept and did not do night prayers. Third, he woke up at dawn then performed the morning prayers without performing ablution again.


Imam Ahmad carefully listened to his daughter's observations, then Imam Ahmad published a similar feeling of doubt. To abolish these doubts, Imam Ahmad then conveyed his daughter's observations to Imam Syafii.

Imam Shafii smiled at Imam Ahmad's account of his daughter's confession. Then he said, “ Yes Ahmad, there are some things I want to explain so listen well. First, I eat your food gusto because I know you must provide halal food, so I don't need to hesitate and feel safe eating it.

“Then, the food of the generous person is medicine and food from the miser is a disease. So I hope for healing by eating the dish you serve. That's the reason I eat so ravenously.

“Second, when I was about to lie down on the bed that you provided, suddenly it appeared to me Kitabullah and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. Be I wake up again, and write about 72 fiqh problems and their solutions, so I don't have time to pray tonight.

“As for the third, Wallahi I could not sleep for the night, until dawn arrived. Finally I also performed the morning prayer with ablution prayer Isha. “ Imam Ahmad smiled and was satisfied to hear the explanation of his teacher.

Naturally, humans will always always judge something. The gift of reason that God gives to humans makes people always make observations, judgments and draw conclusions. However, it does not mean that what is produced by reason always contains truth, human reason can conclude something wrong due to observation that is lacking in something.

In the story above, daughter Imam Ahmad considers that Imam Syafii is not a pious Ulama because of observations limited and hasty conclusions from data that is still less intact.

Meanwhile, after Imam Ahmad clarified his data to Imam Syafii, finally the less intact data was revealed more clearly and it turned out that all the conclusions produced by Imam Ahmad's daughter were not true.

Such should be the attitude of a Muslim whom Allah bestows on him a brilliant mind. A Muslim should be patient in researching everything until it is clear from him the One and the Holy.

Isn't in our daily lives praying to Allah “ Allahumma arinal haqqa, haqqa, warzuqnattiba'ah, wa arinal bathila bathila, warzuqnajtinabah ? What means is “O Allah, show the truth as truth, and grant us the strength to follow it (fight for it), and show the vanity as vanity and bless us with strength to move away (abolish it).” [19659005] One of the sunnatullah reveals the reality so that the light is clear between right and wrong is to do deeper checks on something we want to conclude. In the Qur'an, this commandment Allah has said in Surah 49: 6 namely the command of Tabayyun.

The word tabayyun itself comes from the root word in Arabic: tabayyana – yatabayyanu – tabayyunan which means seeking clarity the essence of a fact and information or truth of a fact and information carefully, carefully and carefully.

In the Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) it is stated that tabayyun means understanding or explanation. Thus, tabayyun is an attempt to ascertain and seek truth from a fact and information so that its contents can be accounted for.

So from here it is quite clear that we can draw a wisdom that one of the attitudes that must be owned and developed by a Muslim is an attitude of unhurry and tries his best to investigate something in as much detail as possible, so that it is not easy to fall into prejudice and guess. Because actually prejudice is far from the truth (Surah An Najm: 28 and QS Yunus: 36)

Wallahu A'lam.

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