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Suggestions from the Apostle SAW to Wake Up Morning, This is the Benefits!

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Getting up early is one of the things that is rather difficult for some people to do, especially when the weekend approaches. Even though this is a bad habit, because a lot of losses will be obtained.

Islam provides guidance for adherents to succeed in living life both in the world and in the hereafter. Islam also provides concrete steps so that people can enjoy happiness and enjoy life beautifully. Prompts for waking up in the morning are listed in various verses of the Qur'an and the hadith of the following Prophet Muhammad:

“Establish the Prayer from after the sun slips until dark at night and (establish prayer) at dawn. Indeed the dawn prayer was witnessed by angels “(Qs. Al-isra verse 78)

As for the basic command of the hadith explistically stated in the prayer of the Prophet SAW he said:

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” Blessings for my people flow in their blind morning “(HR Ath Thabrani in Al Ausath)

As instructed by Allah SWT, also the advice of the Prophet Muhammad, this turned out to have many benefits for human life, including:

First, the body can be fresher

When you wake up in the morning then the body will feel fresher. This is because the body breathes fresh air, oxygen, which has not been mixed with air pollution, such as smoke from vehicles or factory waste. Especially if added to exercise in the morning, the body will be refreshed and fit.

Second, do not miss to breathe fresh air

When you wake up late, how can you get fresh air? Heheh. Fresh air that is still rich in oxygen in the morning is very important for blood circulation in the body. By breathing fresh air it will increase oxygen levels in the blood which also makes blood flow smoothly.

Third, improve memory

Wake up early in the morning can make the brain more productive. If brain function is good from the start, it must start the days even [enjoy. Therefore, people who wake up often and breathe fresh air will be less likely to be affected by senile symptoms compared to people who wake up during the day.

Fourth, can make you stay young

If you wake up early, don't miss sunbathing too. Morning sunlight that helps build vitamin D in the body can maximize skin rejuvenation. The content of vitamin D2 and D3 can also prevent skin disorders.

Fifth, make you more enthusiastic

Ambitious enthusiasm is strongly influenced by our waking activity. just imagine what it feels like to oversleep? It must have been unpleasant and made the body lazy and motionless.

Wallahu Allam.

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