Beranda Hikmah Familiarize Dhikr After Shubuh Until The Sun Rises, This Is Its Advantage

Familiarize Dhikr After Shubuh Until The Sun Rises, This Is Its Advantage



In the hijri calendar the calculation of time is not the same as the Christian calendar. Therefore, in terms of time related to worship such as prayer, fasting and other Islamic calendar, it is used as a reference. Daytime calculations in the hijri calendar start from dawn (dawn time) to sunset (maghrib time), while night time starts from sunset (maghrib time) until dawn (dawn time). Allah has created time for humans basically there is no difference, but in the creation of certain times sometimes there are wholenesses that are not possessed by other times.

In Chapter Keeping from his seat to keep dhikr to Allah SWT after morning prayers. Imam al-Nawawi explained, that the most glorious time when dhikr in the afternoon is after the morning prayer, while the main time at night is one third of the night.

There are many virtues of dhikr after the morning prayer, as the testimony of Sahabat Anas ra, that the Messenger of Allah once said, “Whosoever prayed at dawn prayers in congregation and then sat in dhikr until sunrise then prayed two rak'ahs (duha prayer) so for him the rewards such as the hajj pilgrimage and the perfect Umrah, perfect, perfect”. In this hadith the Prophet did not explain the specification of the form of dhikr. Only the order of the dhikr begins after Fajr prayer in congregation without saying anything then dhikr until the issuance of the eyes.

Whereas in other narrations there is a dhikr sentence which he taught after dawn prayers such as


له الملك وله الحمد يحيي ويميت وهو على كل شئ قدير “

” There is no worship except Allah alone and there is no partner for Him, His property all kingdoms / powers and for Him all praise, He who turns on and off , and He is capable of all things. “

“اللهم أجرني من النا

” O Allah, protect me from the fire of hell) or the phrase “” اللهم إني أسألك علما نافعا ، وعملا متقبلا ، ورزقا طيبا “

” O Allah, Verily I ask you for useful knowledge, good luck and received charity. ”

The rewards obtained can also be in the form of gaining goodness, eliminating ugliness, not being close to sin, until that day for those who dhikr will be guarded by Allah from the evil deeds.

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