Beranda Hikmah KH's advice. Maimun Zubair: Many Paths to God

KH's advice. Maimun Zubair: Many Paths to God



Humans live only to worship as stated in the Koran, “ Kholaqtul Wife Jinna Wal Insa Illa Li Ya'buduun .”

The essence of worship itself is how a person approaches Allah or in Arabic is called taqarrub.

The process of approaching oneself to Allah is not only manifested in pure forms of worship such as wirid, prayer, fasting or other forms of pure worship. Taqarrub can be realized by adjusting the social status of each person. Honesty, fairness and the ability to avail themselves of acts of wrongdoing including corruption of a leader, government employee or member of the DPR are also forms of taqarrub.

This understanding is important so that no one is worshiped daily, but his social behavior is incompatible with religious corridor. The ability of a politician to distinguish his position in associating with fellow Muslims is also another form of taqarrub packaging.


When outside the political corridor, a politician must be able to build ukhuwah well with each other despite different political lines with him. A PKB politician must be able to get along with other fellow Muslims from other parties whether Golkar, PDIP or PPP like me.

It is this ability to see oneself that is important for us to instill in our young generation so that we do not look at fellow Muslims like people of different religions. How beautiful this life is if we can achieve this together.

If we are a government employee we meet the hadith that states:
“Shirooru al ulama, alladzina ya'tuuna al umara wa khiyaaru al umara alladzina ya'tuuna al ulama. “

The worst of the scholars are those who (busy) come to the government or the authorities and the best of the government or authorities are those who come to the ulama.

So consider the last sentence, do not discuss the beginning. This means that the part of the process of self-approach of a government employee is approaching the ulama, to get self-refreshment to be saved from acts that are not commendable or out of our religious shari'a.

As a result, to undergo one of our obligations to draw close to Allah, we must understand that the road to get there is not from one door. However, we can apply it in the form of other deeds to adapt our respective professions in line with the context of Islamic law.

The Walls of Islam

Extracted from mauidloh hasanah, KH . Maimun Zubair Caregiver PP. Al Anwar Sarang Rembang on Haul al Habib Abdul Qodir Bil Faqih and al Habib Abdullah Ibn Abdul Qodir Bil Faqih PP. Darul Hadits Malang.

Source: KH Advice. Maimoen Zubair, Many Paths to God.

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