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Thabit bin Qais: Spokesperson of the Prophet Who Can Communication with Living People



As a leader of a large community the Prophet Muhammad had a spokesperson (spokesman). His name is Thabit b. Qais was a friend of the Prophet from the Anshor group. His speech style is loud, firm, straightforward, clear and very charming so that he can defeat his interlocutor. In addition, he is also famous as a man with a political appearance, fashionable clothes and gasps, so that those who looked at him immediately fell astonished.

Prophet Muhammad SAW had once arrived a group of delegates from Bani Tamim. They carry the mission of diplomacy by appointing one figure named Utharid b. Hajib as their spokesman. But their diplomacy turned around because they were fascinated by the way of speaking and the appearance of the spokesman of the Prophet. That is the greatness of Thabit b. Qais.

Even so, Thabit b. Qais had regretted that he had such extraordinary talent. He regretted the boldness of his speaking style, because there was a verse that prevented his companion from “making a loud voice over the voice of the Messenger of Allah.” He was worried about his appearance which was always parallel and looked good, because there was a verse from the Qur'an which explained “Allah does not like each people who are arrogant and arrogant.

News of Thabit's remorse and concern b. Qais arrived at the ears of the Prophet. He entertained the spokesman by saying: “O Thabit! You are not included in the verse in the Qur'an. Blessed be you and your joy with your talents because you will be put into heaven by Allah. “


What the Prophet said to Thabit b. Qais is apparently proven. After the death of the Prophet, Muslims who lived under the Caliphate of Abu Bakr were surprised by the Yamamah incident. A sudden rebellion was launched by Musailamah al-Kazdab. Muslims have no preparation and are only able to survive the onslaught of rebels.

Thabit b. Qais during the battle acted as the Anshor flag holder. He along with Salim Maula Abi Huzdaifah (the banner bearers of the Muhajirin) tried to survive by digging sand. The two of them planted half of their bodies in a pile of sand, leaving their heads and their hands firmly flying the banner of the Anshor and Muhajirin flags. An unbalanced battle ultimately made them both fall as martyrs who kept the banners in their hands.

At Thabit b. Qais died on the battlefield, there was a new convert to Islam passing near his body. The man was tempted by the armor that was still attached to Thabit's body, then took it to be owned. In order not to be traced to Thabit's armor b. Qais was taken home and stored under a large pot covered with camel saddles.

The War of Yamamah was over and the body of Thabit b. Qais was put into a hole buried by Abdullah b. Ubaidillah al-Ansari. In the hadith of al-Baihaqi's history, it is stated that when Abdullah b. Ubaidillah and other friends put in their graves to hear Thabit's body b. Qias said: “Muhammad was the messenger of Allah, Abu Bakr was a trusted person, Umar was a martyr and Uthman was a kind and loving person.”

Abdullah's experience b. This course is about a spokesman for the Prophet who died but still communicating with living people is not the only one. It is said that Thabit came in the sleep of a Muslim and said to him, “I will give you a will; but don't let you say that this is only a dream and you waste it! When I died as a martyr, passing near me a Muslim then took my armor. His house was very far away, the man had his head horse looked up as if he were pulled by a bridle.

The armor was kept covered with a large pot, and the pot was covered in camel saddles. Go to Khalid and ask him to send people to take it! Then when you get to the city of Medina facing the caliph Abu Bakr, tell him that I have so many debts, I beg that he be willing to pay him. “

So when the man woke up from his sleep, he continued to face Khalid bin Walid, then he told the dream. Khalid also sent to find and retrieve the armor, then found it as perfectly illustrated by Thabit. Then after the Muslims returned to Medina, the man told his dream to the caliph, he carried out the will of the deceased spokesman of the Prophet.

It was only the first time in Islamic history, there was a will of a deceased who was carried out perfectly. What's more if it is not the will of Thabit bin Qais (?) Already buried, but the spokesman of the Prophet Muhammad who had extraordinary talent in his life, still can communicate with the people he wants. Wallahu a’lam

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