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Really, the pain Sakaratul Maut cannot be compared with toothache or other illnesses. The pain of Sakaratul Maut was said to be more painful compared to a thousand samurai incisions. Even the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) felt the pain of people who were suffering from sakaratul death moreover we were people who were covered in sin.

People who are dying cannot be treated. His death has arrived. He can't do anything. He can only hope for prayer help from people surrounding his body. He doesn't need property and chairs anymore. All that was needed was a chant of the Qur'an and the prayers of his family.

At that time, a dying person felt terrible confusion. Satan also approached him and invited him to kesyirikan. If there were no one praying around him, he could have been influenced by the temptations of Satan. Na'udzubillah.


Therefore, the scholars suggested to accompany people who were dying. This assistance is not just crying, but praying for Husnul Khotimah. Many readings (verses or dzikir) are recommended to be read near those who are dying.

These include Yasin, Ar-Ra'du, and tahlil. In the book Nihayatuz Zain explained that this Yasin letter was read aloud while Surat Ar-Ra'du was read slowly. The rules are very many, including the ease of the release of spirit. In addition, multiplying also dictates (dictates) people who are dying with the sentence tahlil lailaha illaallah

Rasulullah SAW said:

لقنوا موتاكم لااله الا الله

died to pronounce the sentence laa ilaha illaallah. (Narrated by Muslim)

Therefore, friend of the person who will die. Expand the Koran reading next to it or the tahlil sentence, because there is nothing else that is expected except the help of prayers from people who are still alive. And it is also not permissible for those present to discuss the disgrace or ugliness of the person.

Therefore, keep on endlessly praying for good for the person who is dying. That way he will be helped in dealing with the illness of death. In this way when our turn is dying, there will be other people who will do the same.

Wallahu Allam.

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