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This Kiai Ban Santrinya Joining Al-Quran Competition and Reading the Book, This Is the Reason!



One sunny afternoon. I tried to walk around the capital city of Malang, accidentally met my old friend or senior in the cottage who was currently pursuing his doctoral studies in Malang.

He was descended from a village kiai whose daily work was only molang or teach the surrounding children and children who are entrusted from the outside

We try to reminisce through the simple stories we once shared together at the cottage. Of course we laughed out when we recalled the past with silly stories that had been shared together.

In the midst of that warm conversation, I tried to ask one thing that made me curious: from the beginning his family was very anti and could even say allergic to the book and the Qur'an. In addition to the Arwani cleric, there were also village clerics who were very strict in prohibiting their santri from participating in the race to read the book and the Koran.


Actually this question is simple, but the answer is enough to gasp. He used to be known as a thinker, often nervous about his surroundings and having a high himmah for something he did not know about certainty.

Hearing my question, he laughed, “Not yet lo h people who dare to ask like that to me especially to my father, all of them are submissive. How come you are so brave? “He said while laughing loudly.

He still answered my question with very scientific answers in my opinion. With the height of knowledge and humility possessed, he was able to synergize between scientific knowledge and spiritual knowledge.

According to him, the winner of the race psychologically tended to be [summit] sum'ah, riya ' even tafakhur and Ujub (arrogant and proud). That will reduce the usefulness of science. In theory psychology, every person has a tendency to be recognized / recognized as a person who has advantages and flattery.

This unconsciously leads him to portray himself as a great person and embraced by others. This situation caused most people to lose control, so they forgot themselves, which originally carried out activities with divine motivation. has now turned into an image motif.

On the other hand the books and things related to the main book have terrain own race called fafirru ilallah . So the actual race according to him is not on the stage judged by the jury, but in the real area in the form of works and contributions that are judged directly by Allah SWT.

In an empirical approach, according to him, people with great services to changing the world are people who initially it had no value in front of humans, but they were able to find work, not to be seen by others but to benefit others and themselves.

He gave an example of Bill Gate, Phillip, Albert Einstein. Life history and their success do not start from the race. Although there are also people who succeed after becoming winners or championship winners.

Besides that, there are actually many things we want to discuss. However, because time did not allow us to have to separate ourselves. But there were a lot of things that I got from him, he was not at all afraid and dared to express his opinion to the general public even though it would cause polemic and controversy as long as the statement could be scientifically and comprehensively accounted for.

“If you want to join the race, yes it doesn't matter, you must have special consideration, “he concluded. This shows that he does not want to intervene at all, let alone blame the thoughts of others who disagree with him. He and his family only tried and tried to refrain from a very pragmatic flow.

Wallahu Allam.

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