Beranda Nahdlatul Ulama English Parents Should Pay Attention to Balanced Nutrition of Children

Parents Should Pay Attention to Balanced Nutrition of Children




There are many ways and activities that can be done to mark a warning. This is what the Nutrition Study Program (FK) students of the Nahdlatul Ulama University in Surabaya (Unusa) did at the Khadijah Kindergarten, Surabaya, East Java.

In commemoration of the national nutrition and food day on January 25, they came and invite Kindergarten (TK) students and parents to understand the importance of balanced nutrition. The students held fun cooking activities and coloring.

Through this activity children and parents are expected to understand the importance of balanced nutrition. “Food and beverages with natural nutrient content play an important role for children's growth and development,” said Nisa 'Hidayat, Wednesday (1/30). Balanced nutrition is needed by the body and can be absorbed properly by the digestive system, continued Chairman of the Unusa Nutrition Student Association.


Seeing the role of balanced nutrition, students socialize balanced nutrition by holding fun cooking and coloring activities. “We took the momentum of the 59th national nutrition day in 2019,” he said.

Whereas the sub-theme is Nutrition Conscious Family, Healthy and Productive Indonesia and slogan Balanced Nutrition, Bright Achievement . “We initiated the socialization of the importance of balanced nutrition,” explained Nisa.

In addition to holding fun cooking and coloring, the students also took anthropometric measurements, namely the measurement of the child's weight and height, to find out the ideal development of the child.

Students hope through the introduction of food ingredients and how to cook properly for parents and coloring types of healthy food for children. “Awareness of the importance of balanced nutrition can be conveyed well,” he explained.

Chairman of the Unusa Nutrition Study Program, Rizki Nurmalya Kardina who accompanied the students revealed, every parent must crave their baby to grow healthy and smart to adulthood. “To achieve these targets, of course parents need and implement appropriate strategies. One of them is the fulfillment of balanced nutrition from an early age, “he explained.

In his view, the child's growth period requires various types of nutrients consisting of macronutrein and micronutrients. Macronutrients include carbohydrates, protein and fat. While macronutrein includes various vitamins and minerals in various types of food.

“Various types of these nutrients need to be digested and absorbed perfectly by the digestive tract,” said the eye lecturer in the subject of Child Health and Nutrition.

He explained, balanced nutrition can also increase the body's immune system. can be absorbed perfectly and easily digested in the digestive tract of children.

“We used to know it with the four healthy five perfect movements, now transformed into balanced nutrition. Balanced nutrition because it is easily digested, the absorption process also takes place better so that all nutrients that enter absorbed entirely, “he said.

Therefore, he added, it is better for parents to start looking at food and drinks for their little ones and choosing those that contain nutrients in a natural state.

To know the nutritional status and overall health of children can be seen starting from general appearance such as body weight and height, physical, motor, functional, emotional and cognitive cognition signs

“Based on anthropometric measurements, healthy children, increasing age, increasing weight and height are associated with adequate intake of macronutrients, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin D, iodine and zinc,” he said.

Rizki Nurmalya, parents must know the growth phase of their children as early as possible. Because, the health conditions experienced by children affect their growth. At the age of 0-6 years the child experiences rapid growth. Age of 6-2 years growth is flat. While at the age of 12-18 years the child experiences rapid growth.

Whereas at the age of 0-6 years the growth of a child's brain reaches 95 percent. Over the age of 6, brain development is only five percent.

“Therefore, ages 0-6 years are an important phase for children or windows of opportunity. At this time nutrition and parental experiments are needed by children, “he said. ( Ibn Nawawi )


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