<pre>Ahmad Dhani Sentenced to 1.6 Years for Hate Speech, Victim of the Regime?


I am a fan of music by Ahmad Dhani. The songs he created almost all I recognize. Since I was early with Dewa 19 and the music groups that he played I liked. Especially when he was when he started composing a few more songs that were Sufistic nuances. His children were also named great Sufi figures who showed their love for the Sufistic world. No wonder that some of the songs describe a thick sufistic spirit. The song “Laskar Cinta” for example.

This song is also Ahmad Dhani's anthem for groups who indulge in their own truths and like to fight people who are different, even with violence.

The song “Laskar Cinta” is very strong in the lyrics of its resistance. When a number of Ahmad Dhani's songs were questioned by certain groups, including his appearance on a TV station which was considered to defame Islam, he arrived at the PBNU. He also spoke to Gus Dur. In fact, he once said, in Indonesia, there were only two scholars he attended: Gus Dur and Pak Quraish Shihab.


Dhani arrived at the Ansor GP and was even awarded as an honorary member of the GP Ansor Banser. I often saw him go to the PBNU building. The NU extended family humanizes and provides protection so that he can still work.

I also like to say it fast. When he argued with Maia Estianti (before actually divorcing) I often followed her statements which were considered to be annoying for female activists.

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I do not know why arrived Ahmad Dhani turned his religious mind. In the 2014 election, he was with PKB. In fact, he was never expected to become the Governor of DKI from PKB, but the plan failed. It seems that Ahmad Dhani was very disappointed with the failure.

In the 2014 presidential election, Dhani chose to support Prabowo, even though the PKB supported Jokowi-JK. It seems that from this point Ahmad Dhani's journey began to turn. After Prabowo lost the 2014 presidential election, it turned out that he was increasingly active in politics even though he failed many times, including being a candidate for the deputy regent of Bekasi, a region that clearly had no mass base there. He increasingly hardened on the mass of the DKI Pilkada, demo 212 damn so on.

He took political steps that tended to prioritize identity politics. He also increasingly looked “”. His wife, Mulaan Jameela also increasingly looked religious by wearing a headscarf called “ukhti” by his community. Ahmad Dhani and Mulan were candidates for Gerindra in the 2019 election.

He was getting away from NU. His behavior and words no longer reflect the spirit of NU. In fact, he collaborated with groups that had been intimidating. The spirit of keeping NKRI began to be discordant. In a dialogue on TV about the dissolution of HTI, his tone of voice tended to defend HTI. Can be confused, because later Dhani collapsed with this group. Ansor GP finally revoked the honorary members that were once given.

Of course we know the peak. Ahmad Dhani had to go to 1.5 years in prison because of the reckless utterances of hatred he had committed. Uncontrolled blunts have serious consequences on him. Even more painful, he entered the prison a few days after BTP / Ahok left the prison. Ahmad Dhani certainly had a contribution to encourage BTP / Ahok to go to prison.

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I really missed Ahmad Dhani first. Musicians whose works I admire. Not Ahmad Dhani whose life is shrouded in hatred. Hopefully 1.5 years is enough time to reflect. Ahmad Dhani, if you are really confused, come to the NU kiai. Seek advice from Gus Mus, Mbah Moen, Pak Quraish and other elderly kiai. Surely your heart will be calmer.

Allah is reminding you that now you associate with people who are not right. Politics has blinded your own mind.

I miss Ahmad Dhani who was once ….

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