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Commemoration of the 73rd anniversary of the Muslim Nahdlatul Ulama at Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Sunday (1/27/2019), became the momentum of the voices of Indonesian Muslim women echoing the message of tolerance and the spirit of Indonesian peace. On that occasion, NU Muslimat also declared antihoax, anti-gossip and antifitnah.

President Jokowi who was present reminded that Indonesia was a very large country and had a very large population. According to the President, diversity in Indonesia is a necessity and will of Allah SWT. “We are blessed by God of diversity. It is God's law that our nation is different, “said the President.

The President also reminded that the characteristics of Islam in Indonesia are moderate, tolerant and friendly. The attitude trilogy makes Indonesian Muslims become the inspiration of the global community. “Moderate Islam. Not radical. Not extreme. But being able to respect and respect our other brothers and sisters; different religions, different ethnicities, different customs, different traditions, different regional languages, “he said.


Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the PBNU, Prof. Dr. KH Said Aqil Siroj invited all NU Muslimat members to jointly maintain the unity and unity of the country Indonesian nation. Kiai Said also reminded that it should not be easily provoked by hoax news that is rampant in the political years. Nahdliyin's task is to spread good deeds and virtues to others.

“Do not be provoked to act radically, extreme, or even radically in the name of religion. let's guard the Republic of Indonesia, Pancasila, culture, character, akhlakul karimah . This is the Nusantara Islam; Courteous Islam, friendly Islam, Islam that respects culture, Islam with character and integrity. That is the Islam of the Archipelago. Not a school, not a stream, but a typology of the Nusantara Islamic community, “he said.

On the same occasion the NU Muslimat Chairperson, Khofifah stated, NU Muslimat would be part of the Indonesian element which promoted tolerant and moderate attitudes. NU Muslimat leaders were asked to build this country with constructive and constructive thoughts, not debates from endless coaches.

“We will be a part of inviting all elements of the nation to build positive thinking . “Ustadzah, mubalighah in Muslimat NU, Muslim NU teachers, let's invite all citizens to build this country with constructive, positive thoughts,” concluded Khofifah.

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