Ini yang Harus Dilakukan Agar Amar Makruf Tak Menodai Toleransi


Upon the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad in the city of Medina, among the first things he did was congregate you Muhajirin and the Anshor. That he saw. do because in order to strengthen fellow Muslim relations in the city of Medina, thus creating the unity and unity in the Muslim community. Brotherhood is the first principle built by the Prophet Muhammad to strengthen the power of Muslims.

Among the concepts of brotherhood in Islam there is the term “ukhuwah yah”, the word ukhuwah translated into Indonesian as “brotherhood” is taken from the root word has the meaning “pay attention or care”. The meaning of the root of the word ukhuwah gives an understanding that brotherhood requires an attitude of concern or concern among those who are brothers.

Another opinion says, the word ukhuwah was originally interpreted as the equality or harmony of various things. We can conclude that ukhuwah was interpreted as brotherhood because attitudes of concern or concern were originally born due to similarities between the brothers.


Muslims in Indonesia used to interpret Ukhuwah as a brotherhood of fellow Muslims, the meaning of which was considered inappropriate by Prof. Quraish Shihab (Qur'anic Interpreter). He conducts linguistic reviews to understand the meaning of ukhuwah well. According to him, the word yah is not right if it is used as the subject or perpetrator of the word ukhuwah which will mean “brotherhood of fellow Muslims”.

The word well understood as an adjective from the word ukhuwah, so that it will mean “brotherhood” or “brotherhood” according to Islamic teachings “. Understanding of the meaning of the latter has more value when compared to the initial meaning. And He gave two reasons regarding his opinion.

First, the Qur'an and Hadith of the Prophet SAW introduced various kinds of brotherhood.

Second, in the Arabic language, adjectives are always adapted to the ones being diffused. For example, if the person being disfigured has an indefinite or feminine word, the adjective must have the same form. And this is clearly seen in the term ukhuwah yah or al ukhuwah al yah.

The Holy Prophet brought by the Prophet Muhammad is brotherly ethics that are universal, tolerant, open, and encouraged by human values.

Criticism done by Prof. Quraish Shihab concerning the meaning of the term ukhuwah well, because if the understanding of ukhuwah is interpreted as limited to brotherhood among Muslims, it will reduce the true meaning of the term. However, if the term ukhuwah is understood as brotherhood or brotherhood according to Islamic teachings, it will surely foster a harmonious relationship in Muslims and will create peace in the society where Muslims are.

Islam has taught people about ethics or adab when dealing with his brother, whether it's fellow Muslims, fellow human beings, and fellow brothers created by Allah Ta'ala. The ethics that Islam has taught in brotherly relations should be carried out so that the creation of a peaceful and prosperous life.

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