<pre>Prophet Muhammad, Fatimah and the Story of the Amanah Leader


“You know in heaven there are beautiful angels. If one of them reveals its face in the world, it must defeat the glitter of the world. Beautiful paras exceed the beauty of the moonlight and the glare of the sun. Even if the angel approaches me, I will not turn away from you. I will not be tempted, because you have me by my side. “

That is a beautiful string of words delivered by a friend of the Prophet Muhammad. named Said b. Amir to his life companion. Want to know the reason?

One time Said b. Amir invited his wife to trade in the city of Hams. The wife witnessed her husband carrying a lot of merchandise. In the market of Hams, his wife also saw with his own head that his husband was surrounded and taken home by people.


He was very happy that his husband had gotten a big profit from the merchandise they brought from Medina. Therefore while still in the market, he wants her husband to buy new clothes and perfume that is fragrant for himself and also his family. Even though his mouth did not dare to express it directly.

Suddenly Said b. Amir said to his wife: “Should we use our trading profits to transact what? As we get big profits, in a crowded market, so that our profits will increase in value. “

The wife who pretended to be ashamed to express her desire replied:” Are you not afraid of losing money? “Said b Amir replied: “I guarantee, no!” “Yes, then, it's up to you,” said the wife, hoping in her heart that her husband would bring more souvenirs home.

After being approved by his wife, Said b. Amir bought a lot of goods. But not for sale anymore especially for souvenirs to go home to Medina. The Prophet's companion just gave away the goods he bought from the proceeds of trading to the needy in the city of Hims.

Seeing her husband doing something far from his expectations, his wife cried. Profits are exhausted and the hope that is not expressed until it disappears. With tears in his eyes he protested to her husband, but the Prophet's best friend even smiled happily.

While hugging his wife dearly, Said b. Amir directs the eyes of his wife who is sad because of crying to one point. They suddenly witnessed the shadow of heaven and saw friends who had died in it. Immediately Said b Amir said:

“I don't want to go to heaven alone. Must be with you. And I will not make you excluded even though an angel is brought to me, my dear !!! “

Therefore, it is even natural for you wives to give your husband a struggle for others. In the world, your time is taken away, but in the hereafter you have all of your husband's time.

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