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Becoming a Hybrid Santri, Learning the Book of Yellow and Western Books, No Problem!

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Hybridity is a concept of flexing two cultures that produce new cultures. Homi K. Bhabha argues that hybrids are a metaphor to describe the joining of two types (forms) which give rise to certain traits of each form, while negating certain traits that both possess.

Basically this concept wants to explain how far away colonial influence in the land of invaders. The focus of the study is mainly on culture. Between Western and Eastern cultures. Western culture assumed as modern and eastern culture with its traditionalists, which then occurred between the two marriages actually gave birth to a new culture or tradition in that place.

In the Indonesian context, clashes between two cultures could not be avoided. At least that can be seen from the development of culture from time to time. From there it will appear that there is a change in culture in this country.

However, it does not make the culture of the archipelago reducible, but the old tradition is complemented by new traditions, in the fiqh ushul rules known as al-Muhafadlat a 'la al-qadhimi al-shalih wa al-akhdu bi al-jadidi al-ashlah [1945995].

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Among boarding schools, the rule becomes a way out when there are meetings of two different cultures. The pesantren tradition does not reject social change, because it is sunnatullah [19459955]but also does not accept the movements of change as such.

Because every change clearly has its positive and negative effects. By using these rules, pesantren want a dialectic of tradition so that they will find new patterns that are more useful for the people.

This shows that pesantren are able to develop their own culture. Abdurrahman once said that pesantren was a sub culture . That means, the development of Islamic boarding schools cannot be separated from the elements of community culture and social change.

This is a major contribution of pesantren to the community. Moreover, the position of the pesantren kyai in the community became broker culture so that the position of the pesantren in the middle of the culture of society could not be underestimated.

The existence of pesantren cannot be separated from santri. Santri is a term for someone who studies in a pesantren. Santri is not limited to age problems. The identity of a santri will never escape even though he has graduated from a pesantren.

The relationship between santri and pesantren is filled with obedience and tawadu to a teacher or cleric, this emotional closeness makes the santri predicate will continue to be attached to santri self

In the modern era, pesantren have given birth to many students who are active in all walks of life. Its role cannot be released in fighting for and maintaining diversity. Even the President paid his respects by establishing the Santri Day on October 22 because of his involvement in defending Indonesia.

During the pesantren, santri were taught traditionalistically and rigidly, but that was not a benchmark to see how far his knowledge was. The proof is that many students who after graduating from Islamic boarding schools then continued their studies abroad and domestically by taking the field of humanities and philosophy.

Traditional traditional santri style of thinking then combined with Western thought was able to give birth to constructive thinking. In other words, in the selfhood of the santri there has been a fusion between classical and modern scientific traditions, or can be said by hybrid santri.

This fusion of thought actually enriched the intellectual property of the santri. Santri is no longer labeled as part of Indonesian traditionalism, but he has also contributed his ideas to develop community culture.

Hybrid Santri still adhere to the teachings of pesantren in the fiqh rules above. They believe that what is called science is intended to draw closer to God. All knowledge is the same, there is no difference between one another. By having a perspective that is not dichotomous, so that the constructive style of thinking of a santri is born.

Many of these hybrid Santri are encountered in the current era. Just mention there are big names like Ahmad Baso, Ulil Abshar Abdalla, Zuhairi Misrawi, Al-Fayyadl and other young santri intellectuals who have devoted their ideas and ideas to developing the treasures of Indonesian Islamic intellectuals. In fact, not infrequently also from them actively involved to help the community from social problems.

Nevertheless, these people still hold the old tradition. This old tradition is used as the foundation of the structure and developed with the present scientific, so that it will give birth to a new tradition that does not eliminate the elements of the old tradition. In other languages, this concept of tawasuth is what the hybrid santri are trying to prove. Considering the old traditions that are still relevant to be maintained, and taking lessons from the new tradition.

Therefore, the existence of hybrid santri today has given rise to a distinctive style of thinking. They do not lose their traditionalist identity, but they are also not outdated by scientific developments. This hybrid santri wants to contribute ideas and ideas to build a society that has a high culture (great tradition ).

Wallahu A'lam.

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