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The Sprinkling of the Prophet's Dust To The One Who Will Kill It

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Rasulullah Muhammad saw. became the great enemy of the Quraysh. No wonder they in various ways want to block his da'wah. Not only insults and even torment experienced by the Prophet. following followers. However, these methods did not stop da'wah, but made people who converted to Islam more and more.

This story was taken from the book of the Prophet's Hand by Dr. Mostafa al Badawi about how the Messenger of Allah was released from the attempt to assassinate the Quraysh. It was told that when Islam more and more followers made the Quraysh leaders inflamed. They then held a meeting. Even the meeting was attended by demons disguised as old men from Najd.

The meeting was tough. Every suggestion was always countered by a demon disguised as the old man. Until finally Abu Jahal decided that if they were afraid to kill the Messenger of Allah. For fear that other allies and tribes would take revenge, then they had to choose 40 people from different tribes so that it was difficult for the tribes of the Prophet and their allies to take revenge. The proposal was supported by Satan. Finally all the figures present at the meeting agreed.

Then tactics are performed. These idolaters then surrounded the house of the Prophet. But as told in history, Sayidina Ali who later replaced the Prophet in his bed. While the Messenger of Allah went to emigrate to Medina with Sayidina Abu Bakar. “Sleep on my bed, cover your body with my green hadrami robe. Sleep with the robe, nothing unpleasant will come from you from those people, “said the Messenger of Allah to Sayyina Ali.

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Abu Jahal who was at the door said, “Muhammad said that if you follow him, and you will become kings for Arabs and non-Arabs. Then you will be resurrected after death and given gardens. But if you don't follow him, he will cut your neck, you will be resurrected after death and will be put into hell. “

After that the Messenger of Allah, came out holding dust. Then he said, “Yes, I say that and you are one of them.” Allah the Most Great then closed their eyes and could not see the Messenger of Allah. He splashed dust on their heads while reading a few verses from Yasin's letter while splashing dust on the heads of those who intended to kill him. Then the Prophet departed.

After some distance someone came with his eyes fixed and asked the siege of the Prophet's house. “What are you waiting for here,” said the person.

They answered in unison, “Muhammad.”

“Your efforts failed. Muhammad left. He put dust on each of your heads then went to the destination. You don't see the incident. “Then they simultaneously felt their heads simultaneously. There is a splash of dust on each head.

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