Islam Politik atawa Politik Kebangsaan, Pilih Mana?


In a post I accidentally scrolled on the Instagram search engine, an account questioned the slogan popularized by Nurcholis Madjid: Islam Yes, No Islamic Party! For him, Islam cannot be separated from politics because of the history of the Prophet Muhammad SAW who also had politics. This argument is quite reasonable even though it cannot be swallowed up raw.

For young women who are new to Islam, they are certainly very fiery to convey this political idea of ​​Islam. On campus, several student organizations declared themselves to be Islamic political movements. There are many variants starting from the Nationalist ones such as HMI, PMII, IMM, KAMMI, to s-Transnationalists like HTI. These movements cannot be understood as generalized or identified with movements in parts of the world, especially terrorists. Because the pattern is different even though it carries the same name, namely Islam.

The turmoil of the youth, which is usually called the millenial generation, is understandable. There are several factors that make why they are so keen to voice Islam as an alternative. First, these young people feel frustrated to see the various political turmoil that exists, especially after the reform. Reformation, despite succeeding in overthrowing an authoritarian regime, turned out to not give a satisfactory answer.


Second, they judge that Islamic politics is a religious order. While democracy derived from the words demos and kratos is a system from the West that is far from Islamic values. Third, there is historical romance gained through reading history books in schools. Therefore they are eager to restore the golden era with an approach that cannot be compromised: khilafah. Or in the slogan championed by other groups: NKRI Bersyariah.

The first reason is quite reasonable because the political reality in Indonesia is so saturating. The commotion that occurred was not only at the power seeker level, but spread to ordinary people who actually wanted to live simply. Anyone who is an important leader lives harmoniously and harmoniously with his neighbors. But now people are being dragged to the interests of power seekers so that friction that leads to hatred has spread in the community. The news of the forced removal of a tomb due to political choices some time ago is an example of how hatred has penetrated so deeply.

Second, is it true that the democratic system is far from Islam? The statement that system democracy from the West is automatically not in accordance with Islam is enough to trap. Because if asked what the Islamic system is like, there will be a lot of debate. The Prophet Muhammad SAW did not leave the tools of what the Islamic state was like. Friends too. When referring to the Islamic system during the Ottoman Caliphate as often used by pro-khilafah groups, it is very disconnected. The Utsmaniyah Caliphate was built on the basis of the monarchy system. The monarchical system, like democracy, existed long before Islam was present. This law in the Ottoman Caliphate then referred to Islamic values.

If the Islamic system is a system that breathes Islamic values, is it not enough with the fact that Indonesia is a country with the largest Muslim population in the world and all invite the laws in it are compiled by most people who are Muslim and inspired by the teachings of Islam? Even the country's philosophy and constitution was originally compiled by scholars who collaborated with scholars. Whatever the shape of the country, as long as it is friendly and in accordance with syara ', it can be called an Islamic state ( darus salam .

Third, understanding Islamic history cannot be done in bits and pieces. Behind the extraordinary history presented in school books, there does not present a critical view of the history. The change of the monarchical regime which began with the Umayyads to the Abbasids then to other dynasties such as the Fatimids, Ottomans, Mughals, Andalusians and others through a history that was so long and bloody. All in the name of Islam. Still remember how the last two Khulafaur Rashidin were killed by people who also acted in the name of Islam?

Here is the importance of reinterpreting various historical events that were indeed written as wisdom for the next generation. The absence of detailed rules from the Prophet Muhammad about the Islamic state opens opportunities for his successors to find the best way to manage their people. Because between one generation is certainly different from other generations.

This was as stated by the Caliph Ali ibn Abi Talib when there were people who asked, “why in the days of Abu Bakr and Umar were the conditions so clear, while your government and the Ottoman government were so murky?”. This question was answered by the woles by the Caliph Ali ibn Abi Talib: “Because the people led by Abu Bakr and 'Umar were people like me and' Uthman, while the people I preside over today are people like you and those who like you. “

The above examples have proven that Islam is not a standard form of system, but a value that can enter into various systems that are considered most appropriate in managing a society. When a society in a place can be managed with a monarchy, then Islam can inspire its values, like in the era of dynasties and Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates etc. When communities in a place can be managed with democracy, then Islam can be a guideline that brings people to benefit. Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, and various other Islamic countries have practiced it.

Because of this the generation of millenials need not be dazzled by Islamic political claims as stated by people who are seeking power. People who really fight for Islam will use Islam as a value, not merely an easily manipulated form. This value can be entered into all containers, whether political parties that carry the name of Islam or not.

For that I am quite sad when today Islam is so easily politicized for the sake of power. Not enough to carry the name of Islam, these people cast scorn and hatred wrapped in unusually terrible religious sentiments. There is no need to recriminate who is the most damn between party supporters and each other. Because once you accuse it with various blasphemies, that's where you act as a hatred agent. May we always get protection from God and always be given sanity in acting. Amin.


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