Beranda Nahdlatul Ulama English Fatayat NU Central Java Ready to Be a Safe Pioneer in Driving

Fatayat NU Central Java Ready to Be a Safe Pioneer in Driving

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Starting from the many images or memes spread on social media about the negligence of women in driving, the Management of Fatayat Region NU Central Java in collaboration with the Central Java Regional Police held socialization and training on safety riding (safe driving) for women.

Activities titled Women as Pioneers of Driving Order and Safety were held at Siliwangi Hotel, Semarang City, Saturday (1/19). The training was attended by representatives of the Fatayat Branch Leaders of the Central Java District / City NU.

The Chairperson of PW Fatayat Jateng, Tazkiyatul Muthmainnah, was optimistic that women could become the front guard in intelligent traffic. According to him, this is because educating women can have a domino effect, not only affecting themselves.

“Not only for Fatayat NU and its members until branch managers, but these women have children so they can educate their children how to become road users that is good, “explained Iin was the nickname of the woman born in Blora.

According to him, this training was very important, especially Fatayat NU was filled by female activists with high mobility both at the regional and regional levels.

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“They often do recitation activities which in their travels use motorbikes, so this encourages us, let's start from Fatayat. We educate at least our citizens, Fatayat members, thank God for the wider community,” he explained.

Iin added After participating in this training, the participants had homework to carry out the same activities, namely training on safety riding for Fatayat members. In addition to training, Fatayat in collaboration with the Central Java Regional Police will also create a collective sim for Fatayat members and people who do not yet have a Driving License (SIM).

Present at the event Director of Traffic (Dirlantas) of Central Java Police, Rudi Antariksa. He said, the police did have a training program for safety riding, especially for the millennial generation.

“It so happened that NU requested that we enter it,” he said.

Rudi explained, his party targeted all parties, both men and women. The public must be aware of traffic, especially for women, which will be passed on to their children.

“Examples of how to wear a helmet that does not interfere with hair, etc. There are violations that are often encountered such as violations against the flow, not wearing helmets, and so on, “he concluded. (Zulfa / Muhammad Faizin)


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