Beranda Hikmah Devils were originally worship experts, but why did they enter hell?

Devils were originally worship experts, but why did they enter hell?

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One of the creatures before the Prophet Adam known for his obedience was Satan. Satan is a creature that is given privilege long, this as his request when he was about to be expelled from heaven, he promised to tempt all humans who are descendants of the Prophet Adam to become his army even become slaves in hell.

This began when Allah announced to the Angels and others that humans as inhabitants of this earth are given the ability to know many names that are not given to Angels. Then All Angels are ordered to give prostrations or homage to the Prophet Adam, then the Angels follow that order, except for the Devil who defies and feels higher than the Prophet Adam. He felt better because it was created from fire, while Adam was from the ground. It is this arrogant nature that leads to self and descendants in Hell forever.

Those who have the right to feel arrogant feel more above all in science, power, perfection only deserves to be carried by God, namely Allah, the Most Perfect. The creature does not deserve this character because of all the strengths in him, all of the gifts God gave to Him.

Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Karim in Mausuah al-Kisanzan quoted the words of Sheikh Muhammad bin Ali al-Ilmi :

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أمهات الكبر أربع: أنا ، ولي ، وعندي ، ونحن

The source of pride comes from these four things: I (أَنَا), I have (لِيْ), I have (عِنْدِيْ), we (نَحْنُ). [19659006] The purpose of Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ali al-Ilmi's explanation was pride arose from the above four words which essentially felt he was greater, his self-nature was still deeply embedded in his body.

First, Satan was the first to feel arrogant by using the word I or me (أَنَا). It's like in the Qur'an Surat al-Araf: 12, which reads: [19659005] قال ما منعك ألا تسجد إذ أمرتك قال أنا خير منه خلقتني من نار وخلقته من طين [19659006] Meaning: [19659011] “Allah says:” What prevents you from prostrating (to Adam) when I tell you? “Answering the devil” I am better than that: You created me from fire while He created You from the ground. “

Secondly, Pharaoh was the king of Egypt or known as the 2nd Ramses named Walid bin Mus'ab. He is known as the person who first felt arrogant by using my word or I have (لِيْ). It's like in the Qur'an Surat al-Zukhruf: 51, which reads: [19659005] ونادى فرعون في قومه قال يا قوم أليس لي ملك مصر وهذه الأنهار تجري من تحتي أفلا تبصرون [19659006] means: “And Pharaoh cried out to his people (as) saying: “O my people, is this kingdom of mine not mine and (not) these rivers flow beneath me; then do you not see (it)? ”

Third, Qarun is the person who first feels arrogant by using the word I have or I have (عِنْدِيْ). It's like in the Qur'an Surat al-Qasas: 78, which reads: [19659005] قال إنما أوتيته على علم عندي أولم يعلم أن الله قد أهلك من قبله من القرون من هو أشد منه قوة وأكثر جمعا ولا يسأل عن ذنوبهم الْمُجْرِمُونَ

Meaning: “Qarun said, 'Surely I have only been given that treasure, because of the knowledge that is mine”. And does he not know that Allah has indeed destroyed the previous Ummah who are stronger than him, and have accumulated more wealth? And it is not necessary to ask those who sin, about their sins. “

Fourth, the people of Queen Bilqis are the first to feel arrogant by using our word (نَحْنُ). This is as in the Qur'an Surat al-Naml: 33 which reads:

قَالُوا نَحْنُ أُولُو قُوَّةٍ وَأُولُو بَأْسٍ شَدِيدٍ وَالْأَمْرُ إِلَيْكِ فَانظُرِي مَاذَا تَأْمُرِينَ

Meaning: “They answered:” We are people who have strength and (also) have very courage (in war), and the decision is in your hands: then consider what you will command. “

From this it becomes clear as much as any of the creatures' sins will surely forgive them, but if a servant wants to match his God with his arrogant nature as if he is equaling his power, he will be harmed as did the devil and his army.

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