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Chairperson of NU Sumenep: Task of the Banser to Continue the Ulema Struggle

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The struggle of the previous ulama must be a reflection of the life of the state and religion for the younger generation. So that cadres have a totality of struggles that can be accounted for.

Hope was conveyed by Kiai Panji Taufiq in front of participants of Basic Education and Training or Diklatsar II Rayon Coordination Unit (Satkoryon) Multipurpose Ansor (Banser) Gapura, Sumenep, East Java, Friday (1/18).

The Chairperson of the Sumenep Nahdlatul Ulama Branch (PCNU) recalls the struggle of KH Abdullah Sajjad as the founder of Sumenep's an-Nuqayah Guluk-guluk Islamic Boarding School. This charismatic cleric was even willing to die in the hands of the Dutch.

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“Even from one eyewitness said that before being killed by the Dutch, KH Abdullah Sajjad asked permission to pray two rak'ahs,” said Kiai Panji.

After that KH Abdullah Sajjad said to the Dutch troops. “If you insist on killing me, then shoot my mouth,” he explained. After that he really died before the Dutch forces to fight for a state and religious life, he continued.

According to Kiai Panji, Diklatsar II participants Satkoryon Banser must be ready and dared to struggle physically and mentally in continuing the struggle of the ulema, kiai and in order to maintain the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

While the Chairperson of the Ansor Gapura Branch Chairperson, Marzuki hoped the participants would prepare themselves to become NU militant cadres. “This is the leading fortress of the NKRI,” he hoped.

Attending the event Kiai Amar, KH Moh Ma'ruf as Rais Assembly Representative of the Nahdlatul Ulama Branch (MWCNU) Gate, Kiai Muhammad Syahid as Chair of NU Gapura MWC), M Muhri as Chair Ansor Sumenep Branch Manager also attended the Gapura Police Station, and a number of senior Bansers.

Diklat was joined by dozens of delegates from several sub-districts in Sumenep, Gate, Guluk-Guluk, Dungkek and Batang-Batang. The event took place at the Raudlatul Ulum institution, Banjar Timur Gapura. ( Jhody / Ibn Nawawi )


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