Beranda Hikmah Practice the Champion and Amazingly Ali

Practice the Champion and Amazingly Ali

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Rasulullah saw. once said, “Reading the Quran is a practice of people who have sufficient abilities. Prayers are people who are lema. Fasting is indigent. It's a woman's practice. Alms is the practice of the rich, tafakkur is the practice of the weak. Have you ever told me about the champion's practice? “

” Not yet, Rasulllah. What is practice ?, “replied the friends. The Messenger of Allah replied, “Seeking knowledge. That is the light of the hearts of those who believe in the world and akherat. “

Science becomes an important part of Islam. Seeking knowledge has a high position for a Muslim. There is one friend known as the height of his knowledge, namely Sayidina Ali Ra. The Messenger of Allah once said, “I am the city of knowledge. Whereas Ali is the gate. “

One time the Prophet said. This makes curious the Khawarij. They then agreed to test Sayidina Ali. “We ask only one problem but we take turns asking Ali. Is it true that Ali's answers will vary. If it is different, then it is true that the Prophet said, “said one of them. Then the plan is arranged precisely. They then went to Sayidina Ali one by one
The first one came and asked, “Which is more important, knowledge or property.” Said Ali replied, “Of course knowledge.” Then the questioner first replied, “Why?”

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“Science is the inheritance of the Prophet, while wealth is the inheritance of Pharaoh and Qorun.” Hearing this the first questioner immediately left. Then come the second questioner with the same question. Friends alipun answer the same that science is more important. “Science will take care of you. But if the treasure is precisely you who guard. “Even this second questioner then went away.

Not long after, came the third questioner. Of course with the same question. The answer saidina Ali is also the same that science is better than wealth. “The owner of the property has many enemies while the owner of the knowledge has many friends.” As before this third questioner also went away.

The fourth questioner comes with the same question. She answered, “if you use money then the money will recede. But if you use knowledge, it will increase. “

” The owner of the treasure will be someone who calls him stingy and greedy. The owners of knowledge are always considered noble and respected, “said Sayidina Ali to the fifth questioner. The answer to the questioner is the same as a different argument. Assets are always guarded from thieves. While science does not need to be taken care of, said Sayidina Ali to the sixth questioner. The answer to the seventh questioner is this, “The owner of the property will be killed on the Day of Judgment while the owner of the knowledge will be given intercession.”

“In a long time the property will disappear if left unchecked. Whereas science is not. He is eternal, “said Sayidina Ali to the eighth questioner. For the ninth questioner, Ali said, “The treasure hardens the heart. While science illuminates the heart. “Then came the last person who came to Sayidina Ali. With different arguments, Sayidina Ali answered more emphatically, “The owner of the property is called only because of property, while the owner of the knowledge is considered intellectual.” Soon Sayidina Ali said, “If you bring all people to ask about this matter, I will answer different while I'm still alive. “This story is adapted from the Usfuriyah Book: The stories of wisdom from the Islamic Boarding School Literature.

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