Beranda Hikmah Hit by a disaster, Muslims should do these three things

Hit by a disaster, Muslims should do these three things

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Every human being must have been hit by a disaster during his lifetime. Because the disaster is a sign of God's destiny that will not be inevitable. In the face of disaster, not infrequently there are many people who actually complain about the disaster. Sometimes they do not accept the calamity that befell them and also are not patient in the face of the calamity.

In Islam, the calamity that befell is actually a test given by Allah to increase the degree of faith of Muslims. Moreover, the test is a statement of fate determined by God. As Allah says, “There is no disaster that befalls on the earth and (not) on yourself but it is written in the book (Lauhul Mahfuzh) before We created it. Indeed this is easy for Allah. “ (QS. Al-Hadid: 22)

Therefore, there are actually three things that Muslims should do in the face of various calamities that befall them. Then what are the three things? First, Muslims should not denounce disaster and not complain. Why is that? The reason is that the disaster that befell Muslims is one of the means to eradicate sins so that it is not proper to be denounced for example when a disease is struck.

As mentioned in a hadith, “ Do not denounce fever, because he will eliminating the mistakes of Adam's son as the blacksmith tool can remove iron rust. “(Narrated by Muslim). Whereas in other hadiths mentioned, “Nothing befalls a Muslim from fatigue, chronic pain, doubt, sadness, suffering, distress, or just pierced by thorns, except that God removes his sins. ” ( HR Bukhari)

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Secondly, Muslims should remain positive when they are struck by disaster. The reason is that Muslims are commanded to always be kind to God in any disaster. Even the Messenger of Allāh memerintahkan always ordered his servant so that he never prejudiced God with whatever circumstances he experienced. As the Prophet Muhammad once said, “Let no one of you die, except in his circumstances he is kind to God. ” (Narrated by Muslim)

Because the disasters brought by Allah sometimes it is also a punishment for sins committed by humans. So that if God wants a good for his servant, then Allah will hasten the punishment for these sins in the form of disaster. Rasulullah SAW once said related to this, “If Allah wants the goodness of His servants, then Allah immediately punishes his sin in the world. And if Allah hates evil in His servants, then Allah can bear the punishment for his sin until it is paid on the Day of Judgment. “(Narrated by Tirmidhi)

Third, when overwritten by the Disaster, Muslims should immediately take action the disaster. Instead of grumbling and regretting the disaster, Muslims are strongly encouraged to immediately take responsive actions to deal with the disaster. For example, if a natural disaster is struck, Muslims should take action to overcome the disaster. Then if a person is affected by an illness, then he should immediately take appropriate medical actions to overcome the disease.

By immediately taking responsive action, Muslims will also avoid acts of complaining, denouncing disaster, and avoid blaming other parties for the disaster that happened to him. Therefore, Muslims should not denounce disaster, always think positively, and immediately take responsive actions when overtaken by disaster. The goal is of course that the disaster can turn into a reward field as well as a means of removing sins for Muslims.

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