<pre>Mimika Gebyar Shalawat Begin the Celebration of Amole Maulid and Harlah NU



The celebration of Amole Maulid and the birthday or the day of the NU is a joint celebration of all the Nahdliyah Mimika congregations, Papua and other NU citizens. This program is a maulid two dozen events, namely the reading of twelve consecutive nights in several locations.

“The series of events was completed with a joint program in the form of Amole Maulid and Harlah NU,” Sugiarso said on Monday (1/14) . Amole is Amungme language means to be safe for singles, if it survives for plural the name is amolongong, continued Deputy Chairperson of Mimika's Nahdlatul Ulama Branch, Papua.


Appeared at the prayer ceremony IPNU and IPPNU group SP2 Wanagon and Timika Jaya, Celebes Group from Kadun Jaya, the Maqbula SP4 group. Also the Pagar Nusa group at Darussalam Mimika Islamic Boarding School, km14, Mimika Paoua on Saturday (1/12).

The program began after the evening. “The enthusiasm of the pilgrims who were present at the festival was extraordinary,” said Hj Asmawati, who is the leader of the IPNU SP2 IPNU group.

Even though the car broke down, the spirit remained and the group was invited to come first to appear, “said Andri, coach of the IPNU IPPNU SP2 group. Maqbula Group appeared enthusiastic.

At the same time, at the Baitul Maghfirah mosque SP3, village Karang Senang, a public lecture was held.The speaker was KH Hisham Syafaat, the caregiver of Darussalam Islamic Boarding School in Blokagung Banyuwangi and KH Ali Mahfudz Syafaat.

“Our duty is to worship so there is no reason not to worship. The reason for being sick, troublesome, busy is unacceptable, “explained KH Ali Mahfudz Syafaat who is also the Caregiver of the Darussalam Islamic Boarding School.

Meanwhile, KH Hisyam Syafaat prescribes to live in prosperity. times. If it is heavy, he said, it can be replaced by Ya Wadud a hundred times.

The next weight is the istikamah. “My father has been able to pray for 23 years and only twice dawn behind the cleric,” he said.

read the bismillah in water as much as 786 times. “And drunk it to the child, God willing, the child is intelligent,” explained the eldest son of KH Mukhtar Syafaat. Happy. ( Ibn Nawawi )


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