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Menstruation is something that is naturally a guest for all women every month. Menstruation is the remnants of an unfertilized egg, so it will fade and new egg cells will be replaced. Once it continues until the egg is fertilized, this cycle will stop.

Menstruation, which is basically a sign that the reproductive organs of a woman are healthy, sometimes provide some obstacles as well. The obstacles that occur because menstruation is not solely on worldly affairs, even in matters of worship is also so especially in the case of the Hajj. Some of the Hajj rituals are indeed required to be performed in a sacred state.

Even though the estimated time to run the time has been determined. So inevitably the shortcut must be chosen, namely by suspending menstruation. One way is to take special drugs.


So, what is the law actually taking special drugs that are efficacious to suspend menstruation?

In some references it is explained that the law suspending menstrual bleeding or simply minimizing the cycle is permitted (or in some references makruh) as long as it does not affect the damage of the reproductive organs so that it can no longer get offspring or reduce their fertility.

In the book Ghayah al-Talkhis (page 234) it is written:

وَفِي فَتَاوِى الْقَمَّاطِ مَا ] “ It was concluded in Syaikh Al-Qammath's fatwas that using drugs to prevent menstruation is permissible.”

Also in the book Qurrah al-'Ain mentioned:

إِذَا اسْتَعْمَلَتِ ال ْمَرْأَةُ دَوَاءً لِرَفْعِ دَمِ الْحَيْضِ أَوْ تَقْلِيْلِهِ فَإِنَّهُ يُكْرَهُ مَا لَمْ يَلْزَمْ قَطْعُ النَّسْلِ أَوْ قِلَّتُهُ وَإِلَّا حَرُمَ. كما في حاشية الخرشي

When a woman uses a drug to remove her menstruation or reduce her cycle, the law is makruh as long as it does not break off heredity or reduce it.” [1945900]

Wallahu Allam.

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