<pre>AIS Banten Distributes Third Phase Aid for Tsunami Victims


After submitting assistance in the first and second stages, Arus Informasi Santri (AIS) Banten handed back humanitarian assistance to victims of the Sunda Strait tsunami in the Pandeglang Labuan Regency for the third stage.

If in the previous assistance AIS Banten handed over aid in the form of money for the MCK construction for tsunami-affected victims, in this third aid AIS Banten handed over school supplies to children in the area. In addition, AIS Banten also provided financial assistance for the rehabilitation of 2 Al-Qur'an recitation assemblies of Teluk Village children.

Ferdiansyah, Korda AIS Banten hoped that the assistance would be able to alleviate the burden and suffering of the victims as well as encourage children. school children affected by the tsunami to be able to go back to school.

“We see for ourselves the suffering of residents affected by the tsunami. Really they still desperately need support and assistance from all of us. Hopefully our help can be useful for Labuan residents affected by the tsunami” he said at Teluk Evacuation Post, Labuan, Sunday (13/1).


Meanwhile, Uta Muhtadin, the coordinator of the distribution of AIS Banten assistance, stressed that the assistance provided by AIS Banten was a manifestation of Banten Santri's concern for compatriots. Assistance in the form of school supplies is based on the importance of knowledge for everyone.

“Science is the most valuable asset in life. So as to build all aspects of life, the most important thing is to build human resources and education, “he said.

On this occasion he expressed his gratitude to the Large Family of Students of Nahdlatul Ulama (KMNU) Malaysia, Santri Community Climber East Java, Himmah Ahgaff, Cianjur Slankers and all Banten Afiliansi friends from several Islamic boarding schools who have participated in and supported the success of the Sundanese strait humanitarian care action.

“We ask all AIS Banten friends everywhere to always pray for and support AIS Banten as a container “Banten students should be more useful especially in the digital preaching of the Ahlussunnah wal Jamaah An-Nahdliyah and contribute to coloring the development of social media in millennial times,” he concluded. (Red: Muhammad Faizin)

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