<pre>Regarding Legitimate Worship, Washing with Water Needs Care


Chairperson of Bahtsul Masail Management of the Nahdlatul Ulama Region KH Munawir reminded Muslims to be careful and understand the law and how to purify using water. This is because it involves the validity of other worship that follows it after purification. “The importance of purification and this water discussion has been reminded by the majority scholars who initiated the discussion of the book of jurisprudence which he wrote with chapters and chapters,” said the man who is also the Chair This Fatwa of the MUI of Lampung Province, Sunday (13/1).

Kiai Munawir explained that the type of water that may be used for purification and its measurement has been explained in the books of fiqh by the ulama Madzahibul Arbaah (Imam Syafi 'I, Hambali Imam, Hanafi Imam and Maliki Imam). Moreover, the Shafi'i Imam, who according to him has the most strict opinion in discussing water and the use of purification.

He continued in the Shafi'i school of scholars, the scholars divided water into four namely holy water and sanctified water, musyammas (hot water), holy water but not purified, and mutant water [unclean] [unclean]. These four types of water are many examples today, along with technological developments.

“Current technological developments require jurisprudence experts to study their holiness. Such as water which because it has changed color, taste and smell, because of the technology that is now able to refine dirty water to be clean. The science of jurisprudence plays a role here in relation to the law, “he said.


He gave another example of carbon-distilled water made from animal bones. This technology is claimed to be able to clean the water well. But on the other hand it raises problems because animal bones are also unclean especially when using pork bones.

“So the water problem cannot be seen in a simple way. Must be seen from various aspects. When we are careless in purifying using water that is not in accordance with the rules of jurisprudence, let alone not knowing the basics, then another consequence that arises is the invalidity of our worship, “he said.

He also invited all Muslims to be careful in using water and pay attention to good ways in purification. Deepening insights by continuing to learn through good ways is a necessity in the current technological era.

However, he also reminded that the development of information technology today also should not bring Muslims to learn from unclear sources. The facilities offered by technological developments must be used as tools only, not the final destination.

“Learning about religion must go through a clear teacher of scientific knowledge. Don't just learn through the internet, youtube google or other social media because you can get lost. Many people today do not understand religion but have dared to take their own law and are disseminated through social media, “he said.

This explanation was conveyed by Kiai Munawir when he was a speaker in the Fiqh Study in the Morning Jihad (Morning Jihad). the hall of the Pringsewu Regency PCNU building. Present at the event was Pringsewu Regent KH Sujadi who was also the Mustashar of Pringsewu Regency PCNU. (Muhammad Faizin)


This Article was Published On: NU Online

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