Ini Dua Bocoran Iblis kepada Nabi Nuh As


The hostility between the two began when Satan rejected Allah Ta'ala's order to prostrate in the form of respect to Prophet Adam As. From that moment Satan declared his hostility to Adam As. and all of his descendants.

Satan begged Allah to be given a suspension of time to tease the children of Adam As. in order to fall into error so that it can accompany him later in hell.

Various ways have been done by Satan and his troops to lead people to the path of error which is full of humiliation. Unceasingly Satan tempts humans from various ways so that humans fall into the abyss of error and humiliation.


To protect humans from heresy and return them to the right path Allah Ta'ala sent the Prophets and Apostles and their devout people to guide humans so that always on the road that is blessed by Allah Ta'ala.

There has been much advice conveyed by the Prophets and Apostles along with the pious people regarding various Satanic tricks and steps to avoid the deception. As told in the book Ihya ‘Ulumuddin by Imam Abu Hamid Al Ghazalli (d. 505 H) concerning the meeting of Noah As. with Satan.

One day when Noah As. riding his ship, he saw an old man he didn't know. Then, Noah As. asked the old man, “What caused you to enter this head?” The old man replied, “I entered this ship so that I can influence your followers' hearts so that their hearts are with me and their bodies are with you.” [19659004] Then Noah As. said to him “Come out of thou (of this ship) O enemy of God!” Apparently, the old man was a Devil who tried to influence the heart of the people of Noah As. in order to deny something that was defeated to Noah As.

The devil then said, “There are five things that I commonly use to harm humans. I will tell the three things and I keep two other things a secret. “

So Allah said to Noah As. “Surely you do not need the three things. Command him (Satan) to tell you two things. “Noah As. He also ordered the Devil to mention only two things.

Satan said, “With both of them I harm humans and both do not lie. These two things are desires and greed. Because of my nature, I was cursed by Allah and made me a damned demon. And because of greed, I allowed Adam As. all that is in heaven, then I get what I want from him (ie, can remove Adam As. from heaven because Satan persuaded Adam. As to eat the fruit of Khuld) and I was expelled from heaven. “

From the story in above we can take the lesson, that the two main weapons of Satan that are used to harm humans are cause in man hasadic (envy) and greedy (sarakah).

Desperate nature is a form of denial of the provisions and provisions of Allah which has determined every destiny his creature. So, people who have the nature of malice will be unhappy about the pleasure that Allah grants to someone.

It is said according to the Ulama wisdom, the nature of hasad (envy) is the first despicable nature that exists in a creature. While greed is an ambition to get everything he wants in any way, he does not care whether in this way it can bring God's grace or even invite his anger.

Greed or greed causes a servant to fall into things that wrath by Allah Ta'ala. Namrud, Pharaoh, and Qarun are examples of people who are greedy, greedy for power and greed for wealth.

The nature of desires and greed is the result of the lack of gratitude of a servant for the blessings of Allah Ta'ala.

who has a despicable and greedy nature will always see all the blessings of Allah towards him is something trivial, while he views upon the gifts and favors of Allah towards others is something great.

May Allah give His protection to all Muslims for the temptation of Satan and his army.

Allah knows best.

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