<pre>GP Ansor Encourages the Government to Revise the Law for Radical and Pro-Khilafah ASN Action



Found a number of facts that not a few elements of the State Civil Service (ASN) who were paid by the state but supported the establishment of daulah Islamiyah or khilafah became a serious concern for the Ansor Youth Movement when meeting President Joko Widodo, Friday (11/1) in

General Chair of the Ansor Youth Movement Central Chair H Yaqut Cholil Qoumas accompanied by several officials and Chair of the GP Ansor PW throughout Indonesia confirmed the issue directly to President Jokowi who was also accompanied by Minister of State Secretary Practic and Moeldoko Presidential Chief of Staff.


GP Ansor encouraged and asked President Jokowi to revise Law Number 5 Year 2014 concerning the State Civil Apparatus. Revisions are needed so that the ASN who embraces radical and pro-khilafah understandings can be immediately dismissed.

“We ask the President after the political contestation is over, the government immediately revises the ASN Law to provide enough space for the government to crack down on people like this now. in government institutions, “Gus Yaqut told reporters after meeting President Jokowi.

According to Gus Yaqut, the current ASN Law does not allow the government to crack down on radical and pro-khilafah ASNs. In fact, according to GP Ansor, this radical and pro-khilafah ASN was found in various government agencies to State-Owned Enterprises.

“There are many khilafah bearers who want other countries besides Indonesia to enter there (government institutions). there are also many BUMNs. We submit to the president and we ask for the president's firmness to take action against those people, “he said.

Gus Yaqut did not further explain the groups and officials in question. He only emphasized that the Ansor GP always cooperated with the government so that the nation and state would be protected from radical and pro-khilafah groups. Moreover, they are employees in the government.

Gus Yaqut explained, President Jokowi welcomed GP Ansor's proposal to revise this ASN Law. Even the President promised to immediately realize it.

“Yes, the President promised that it would be revised soon. Because this is very crucial. They eat from the country, but they undermine the country,” he concluded. (Red: Fathoni)


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