<pre>Madrasah Teachers Must Be Ready to Face the Digital World


The development of science and technology is now inevitable. The digital world has become a part of modern human life. The development of this technology also facilitated various aspects of life, one of them in the world of education.

Management of education management now utilizes the facilities provided by technology. Starting from planning, implementation and evaluation. This is a strategic step for the Ministry of Religion to improve services so that they get quality results from the education process in madrasas.

At present technology development leads to a non-cash system. All activities have led to the virtual world. And what is being carried out by the Ministry of Religion is one of which is digitizing report cards using the Digital Report Card (ARD) Application.

This was explained by the Head of the Pringsewu District Ministry of Religion Office, Lampung H Marwansyah when opening Technical Guidance (Bimtek) ARD Implementation in MAN 1 Pringsewu, Saturday (12/1).


“With the ARD system, all elements are easy to access the results of student development and education evaluation, especially parents. By using only android parents can see absences, grades and other developments,” he explained

With this, he continued, educators and education staff must be prepared to face this system change. Madrasa teachers must be prepared to face the digital world. Starting from planning, implementation and evaluation, educators must be able to prepare with mastery of digital technology.

“Do not because of lights, teaching activities are delayed. Master the administration and implementation of learning well. Don't just do good administration but the teaching is not maximum or vice versa, “he said.

Moreover, the current government's attention to teachers is very good, especially related to the welfare of economic life. With the certification budget obtained by the teachers, he appealed to the teachers to allocate certification money to improve self competency.

“The purpose of giving certification to teachers is to improve the competency of educating teachers. So please use the government-provided budget as for purchasing handbooks. teachers, training and the like, “he concluded. (Muhammad Faizin)


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