<pre>20 Post-tsunami Days in South Lampung, 118 Died, 7 Not Found


South Lampung,
Regional Secretary of South Lampung Regency Fredy Sukirman said the death toll from the tsunami that occurred at the end of 2018 and 118 people on the coast of South Lampung. This number can increase because up to now there have been 7 people who have not yet been found.

“A total of 7,800 people were displaced. Many who were displaced were not physically affected but due to fear. Like Sebesi Island residents who reached 2000 people fled out of the island , “said Fredy.

At present there are still 24 heads of households who are still surviving in the refugee camps which the local government has placed at the Atlite Guesthouse. Refugees who still survive today, with a total of around 90 people, will then be moved to Temporary Shelter (Huntara) which is being prepared by the South Lampung Regency Government.


Several locations to be built by shelters include Kunjir Village, which is currently around 280 the population took refuge in the highlands. There are three points that are places of refuge in the area.

“In East Way Muli and Main Muli Induction there will also be built temporary shelters for 180 heads of households,” he explained when attending the Tsunami Disaster Management Coordination Meeting at the Tsunami Disaster Emergency Post Jl Trans Sumatera, Kalianda South Lampung, Thursday (10/1) night.

Photo: Tsunami Disaster Management Coordination Meeting in South Lampung
The construction of the Shelter was carried out because the soil conditions in the area were prone to landslides so that they could not be built (Huntap).

Data collected up to now there are a total of 765 damaged buildings. From the level of damage there were 558 houses damaged, 82 moderately damaged and 125 slightly damaged due to the tsunami.

The process of rehabilitation of tsunami-affected victims by building temporary housing was not only carried out by the local government. Institutions and social organizations also participated in helping to create temporary shelters such as those carried out by NU Peduli Lampung.

The work of NU Peduli, which had been directly involved in dealing with victims with various assistance such as logistics and health, received appreciation from the government. NU Peduli has also initiated shelter which is currently being built as many as 20 units in the Appeal Village.

In addition to temporary shelter, NU Peduli is also always actively coordinating with various elements, especially the Regional Government to accelerate the post-disaster recovery process.

This NU Care can help tsunami-affected communities and local governments in an effort to realize a society that is able to recover from the disaster. We hope that coordination with the local government will be increased again for the success of this social worship mission, “said PCNU Chairperson South Lampung KH Mahfud Attijani when present at the meeting. (Muhammad Faizin)


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