<pre>100 Days Passed, There Is No Bright Point about the Body of Khashoggi



Journalists from Saudi Arabia and columnists The Washington Post Jamal Khashoggi (59), were killed at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on October 2, 2018 when they wanted to arrange their marriage documents with Hatice Cengiz , his fiancee.

The incident caught the attention of the international community. News of the progress of the investigation into the Khashoggi murder case continues to be awaited. The facts and evidence related to the murder of Khashoggi began to unfold little by little. The Saudi Arabian court has also begun prosecuting the defendants.


As reported by the Saudi official news agency, SPA, there were 11 defendants of Khashoggi's murderers present with their respective attorneys at the inaugural session on Thursday (3/1). However, there are no detailed names of the 11 defendants. On that occasion, the Attorney General of Saudi Arabia sued five people from 11 defendants with death sentences. Not yet known what demands for the remaining six defendants.

However, the description of where Khashoggi's remains to this day, 100 days after he was killed, there is no bright spot. The Saudi Foreign Minister at that time Adel Al-Jubeir admitted that his party did not know where Jamal Khashoggi's body was. As is known, Al-Jaber's position as Minister of Foreign Affairs was later replaced by Ibrahim al-Assaf on December 25, 2018.

“We do not know where his body is (Jamal Khashoggi). We are determined to reveal everything. We are determined to punish the person responsible for the murder, “said Al-Jubeir to Fox News as reported by Reuters on Monday (10/22).

While there were reports that the body of Khashoggi was dissolved using acid. the solution is disposed of in pipelines in the Saudi Consulate complex. This report was revealed by the Turkish governmental media, Sabah, as quoted AFP, Saturday (11/10).

On the day – 100 deaths of Khashoggi, US parliament, journalist friends, lawyers and the press freedom community held a ceremony to commemorate the journalist on Thursday (10/1). The ceremony began quietly.

“The Kh Killing ashoggi is cruelty and insult to humanity, “said US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, quoted AFP.

While CEO Washington Post Fred Ryan said, Khashoggi's death was not just the murder of an innocent journalist. However, the murder of Khashoggi was part of an increasing attack on press freedom carried out by tyrants throughout the world.

Jamal Khashoggi was a journalist who criticized Saudi policy a lot, especially in terms of freedom of opinion, Saudi human rights, and Saudi involvement during the Yemeni War. (Red: Muchlishon)


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