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Appreciate other beings if you don't want a disaster to occur




PBNU Rais Suriyah KH Subkhan Makmun reminded us to be able to respect other creatures, if we don't want a disaster. Because the attitude of respecting the existence of other creatures, can be a counterweight to the ecosystem and also able to reduce the anger of other creatures.

“Do not be considered other creatures do not have the feeling and can not communicate with each other,” said Kiai Subkhan when filling Apparatus mental guidance (bindal) Brebes Regency Civil Society (ASN) in the Brebes Regent Hall, Friday (11/1).

The caregiver of Assalafiyah Islamic boarding school Luwungragi Brebes explained, due to the absence of synergy that was built with love, making life limp. According to him, humans sometimes behave greedily without regard to the environment which naturally benefits nature and humans.


Kiai Subkhan suggests to love nature more by maintaining trees, because trees can be a source of food. In some literature it is stated that trees continue to dhikr to Allah.

“If the grass is still green, do not first be revoked because the grass is still zikr,” he said. “Special treatment to other creatures, indeed there are still many who sanction what science is applied, how come it respects other creatures so much,” Kiai said with a smile.

Kiai Subkhan gave an example, when he got a big mouse [riwog] who happened to be trapped in a water basin. At that time the kiai wanted to kill him because the mouse had damaged his household furniture. But his inner eye saw the rat asking for help to him. Finally the kiai released the rat.

After that, on the way home from the recitation, there was a problem on the road which almost caused the cleric to crash. “Alhmdulillah did not happen. In my heart I said, oh yeah, maybe this is God's reply after I helped the rat? “He said.

Kiai Subkhan stressed that we must be more patient, sincere, and respect other creatures, especially to fellow humans, to avoid from disaster. (Wasdiun / Ahmad Rozali)


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