Beranda Islami Islami English Humor Da'wah vs Da'wah Caci Maki, Where to follow?

Humor Da'wah vs Da'wah Caci Maki, Where to follow?



“Hey, Nasruddin,” asked his neighbor one day.

“Why do you always answer questions with questions too?”

“What is that?”

The Twitter child might say it's loose change humor. Laughing at trivial matters, which are sometimes missed. Besides that, I also met stories that might not be “funny” but simply swooped the cover. The story of a dervish.


One day a dervish was in the mosque and there he began drinking wine. A person who happened to pass in front of the mosque saw that. Knowing that there were dervishes who were dirtying the mosque in this way, he became very angry.

The passer-by immediately entered the mosque, spat on the dervish and said, “Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Drinking wine is already bad, it's unclean, let alone drink wine in the mosque! It's no longer forgiven. “

The nervous dervish looked up to see him and said,” If I wasn't so busy, I would tell you how sinful it was to spit on people in the mosque. “

The story above feels so relevant, like flicking our present da'wah conditions. Da'wah which means inviting goodness but pursued in ways that are not good. Da'wah is angry.

Da'wah is reproachful. Da'wah by harassing the head of state. Just by spitting on dervishes who drink wine in mosques, don't they?

Da'wah should bring joy. That is why so many dai are gifted with talents like the comics or even more so in terms of jokes. In class, I often say: the main motivation of the young people coming to the recitation may be snacks and jokes of the dai.

They already have a lot of burdens at home, of course they are reluctant to come to the recitation which is filled with serious things, nasty, let alone hatred. However, sowing lots of fresh jokes in da'wah is not an easy thing. So, the “funny” dai-dai must be smart.

Students who are in KKN in a village ask at a meeting: what kind of recitation program, dai or cleric do you want to invite. Almost all village residents ask anyone from as long as they are funny, not crisp. Is it wrong? I don't think so.

That's the real picture of our society. I am happy with religion, I think that's the point. [FortunatelywestillmeetpreacherslikeAnwarZahidwhoisveryiconicwiththeexpression”qulhuaelik”OrCakNunwithstreethumorthatfeelsdowntoearthbutstillclassy​​evenhecombinesda'wahwithmusic(KiaiKanjeng)

I think, dai-dai are like Anwar Zahid and Cak Nun which should be “reproduced”. Not dai who went through the pulpit voiced hatred for presidential candidate A and mobilized support for presidential candidate B.

So, Indonesia is indeed an emergency of laughter, as Alissa Wahid said. Or, I suggest, often if you look at @NUGarisLucu or @MuhammadiyahGarisLucu so we can stay sane in the political year. Not that, right?

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