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Research researcher Center for the Study of Islam and Social Transformation [CISForm] UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta Abdur Rozaki argued that Islamism is not only part of social and electoral political contestation, but also campus politics. The reason is that student learning resources are no longer in the classroom, but through online media.

“There is no favorite lecturer for students, there is a favorite teacher. This is the conclusion. Lecturers are not attractive to students now, but are more attractive to clerics, “Rozaki said in the dissemination of research results titled Planting Seeds in Barren Fields: Portrait of Islamic Teachers' Production Systems in Indonesia at Aryaduta Gambir Hotel, Central Jakarta, Thursday (10/1).


This was evidenced by the interest of students, including students of the Islamic Education Study Program in listening to the teachings of online religious teachers rather than attending lectures in class.

Lecturer intelligence does not necessarily make students comfortable in learning in class because packaging in transferring their knowledge is not as attractive as online clerics.

“Although lecturers' thinking is modern, but it is inferior to clerics who think they can be conservative, but in conveying da'wah messages (ustadz) are very modern,” he said

He mentions how da'wah is delivered by ustadz-ustadz online often shared by mah student only because of his modern appearance.

“The online lecturer in issuing his da'wah messages was always neutralized, but even though our lecturers have intelligent statements, the visionary ones, at least once a month are made for viral. That is if there are students who want to help viral, “he said, laughing at the audience.

He considered that Islamism on campus run by the Campus Da'wah Institution (LDK) through the ideology of tarbiyah had a major influence on the personality of students, including influencing students in participating in the study of online religious teachers.

This organization actively networked with other networks of Islamism and often carry out political actions related to issues around 'defending Islam'. (Husni Sahal / Fathoni)


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