<pre>When the Messenger of Allah Prays Isya Dua Rakaat for Forgot


“Man is the wrong place and forgets,” the Prophet said in a hadith.

The Messenger of Allah is a human being but not like ordinary humans. The Messenger of Allah is the one who is awake from committing sins and things that are not good (infallible) . Unlike most humans who often commit sin and immorality. Equally, the Prophet also acted like the others. He ate, drank, slept, married, and had children. Also has emotions like most humans. Happy, sad, angry, and forgotten.

Yes, the Prophet also forgot. Once upon a time, one day the Messenger of Allah carried out the Isha prayer with his companions at the Prophet's Mosque. He acts as a priest. When everything was ready, the Prophet began to pray with takbiratul ihram and ended with greetings. After the prayer, the Prophet remained silent inside the mosque.


Until now, he hasn't realized that the prayer is lacking. The friends who become their friends become confused. Why did the Messenger of Allah pray the Isha two rak'ahs? Even though their status is not a traveler. They become guessed; did the Prophet forget or indeed there was a revelation that had just come down and revised the number of Isha prayers to two rak'ahs?

In the midst of confusion and doubts from the friends, a friend nicknamed Dhul Yadain – because of his long arms – came to the Prophet. He then asked the Prophet about the Isha prayer which was two rak'ahs.

“O Messenger of Allah, did you just forget or are the Isha prayers now reduced to two rak'ahs?” Asked Dzul Yadain, quoted from the book (Ahmad Rofi 'Usmani, 2015).

The Prophet still did not realize after hearing the question from Dzul Yadain. He was still the first and was convinced that the Isha prayer was four rak'ahs. To convince himself, the Prophet then asked his friends. Is he the Isha prayer four or two rak'ahs? His companions answered simultaneously that the Prophet Muhammad prayed only two rak'ahs.

The Messenger of Allah was only aware after his friends reminded him. He immediately stood up again to lead the prayer. Perfecting the lack of rakaat numbers for the Isha prayer, to be four rak'ahs. Not forgetting, after the greeting of the Prophet did prostration sahwi (prostration for forgetting). And this became the practice of the first prostration of Islam. Thus, the Prophet also failed to give birth to his own wisdom, namely prostration of sahwi when he forgot the number of rakaat prayers.

After perfecting the rakaat number of the Isha prayer and carrying out sujud sahwi the Prophet said that he was an ordinary human who did not escape forgetting. He asked his friends to remind him when he forgot.

“If someone is in doubt about how many counts of rak'ah or the pillars of prayer that he performs, he should make sure what he thinks is right. Then, he should perfect what he deems to be lacking, then say hello and make prostration for prostration twice “said the Messenger of Allah.

Thus the Messenger of Allah. He is always open to his friends. Not contagious. Nor does it feel most right – even if it is wrong, even though he is a prophet and messenger of Allah. He even asked his friends directly to not be afraid to remind him if he forgot again. (A Muchlishon Rochmat)

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