<pre>The Democracy of the Eggplant and Mistress That Makes Us Forget at the Zoo (Bag-1)


Kulub and Kia arrived at the Ragunan Zoo. After entering through the north entrance 3, they arrived at the elephant cage. Although not fenced, there is a hole like a dry river that separates elephants from the visitors.

“Are you not sorry for those animals? Should they live freely in the forest or the wild? “Asked Kulub. Kia answered Kulub's question about pity, like an accomplished diplomat; “If you see it with that perspective, of course sorry. But, if with other perspectives, such as preserving animals, science and research, and other positive views, what do you do? “Kulub was silent.

” But how come there are no cebong or kampret here? Even though the youngster and kampret are viral on social media !? “said Kulub.


” Already, Sis. Don't need to politicize this entertainment ah. “

Kulub laughs. “Eh, but this needs to be considered by the managers and administrators of this zoo. Both of them become a kind of entertainment. “It is a kind of slapstick in the Indonesian political world,” he said, who then explained how the two supporters of the presidential candidate used their own minds and perspectives to win the sympathy of the people. Of course with the aim of choosing the presidential and vice presidential candidates supported.

Kulub remembered the Animal Democracy Kuntowijoyo had written under the title of Elephant Democracy, Horse Democracy, and Dog Democracy. He found this essay in the book Goodbye Myths Welcome to Reality, published by mizan, Bandung, in 2002.

Kuntowijoyo wrote elephants in a circus: there were targets set by the trainer, and the coach always gave gifts to elephants when he succeeded in doing something ruled. Kuntowijoyo connects this with democracy. “If democracy has been targeted, it's called a closed society. And that is contrary to democracy itself, “he explained.

Giving gifts can be interpreted as wages given for compliance with carrying out orders from the trainer (read the ruler). The conclusion is that elephant democracy is not real democracy. Kulub was reminded of the term elephant football, everything was arranged beforehand. Especially about the results and scores of matches.

Besides elephant democracy, Kuntowijoyo also revealed about horse democracy. “Managing people is like managing and controlling horses. We must unite with horses; if the horse wants to graze, we must know. We consider our horse our brother. The horse knows. However, who decides where to go? Yes, of course the rider, “he said.

There are at least two things; First, who determines the direction, still the rider. Second, the horse remains a riding horse, not free like a wild horse. The only advantage for horses is that they are free from disturbances of wildlife, such as tigers.

Not to forget, Kuntowijoyo also calls dog democracy. “Connecting dogs to democracy is not difficult,” he stressed. “As is known, dogs need to take a walk. In this case, the owner of the dog is forced to comply. So, it's as if the dog has the upper hand. However, the dog is still owned. And don't forget that the dog must return to his master's house, “he added about dog democracy.

Kulub did not miss either. In his silence while looking at Kia who was still busy taking pictures of birds, the fad in his brain whispered: democracy in the style of cebong and kampret, is it possible?

Unfortunately, Kulub failed to connect democracy with cebong and kampret. Because he saw, cebong and kampret were only negative terms that should not exist. Because, supporters of two candidates and vice president who are all human. Especially his own friends. Kulub imagines the faces of his friends who argue with each other. Then regretted when the words cebong and kampret came out in the contest of ideas and arguments. And suddenly he remembered Gusdur who said: “the more important thing is politics is humanity.”

“Yes, however they are humans. After all, even if their behavior such as cebong or kampret as expressed by each camp, it seems unethical and immoral if the designation continues to throw. Cebong is still a little. Kampret remains shrewd. Humans are still human, even though behavior is sometimes like an animal, even worse, “thought Kulub.

If Kuntowijoyo calls democracy with animal names, it is more a description of how democracy is carried out. And at the end of his writing, it was emphasized about the Pancasila democracy which must be maintained. Yes, Kuntowijoyo put more emphasis on how it was not the culprit. Although the edges, it will lead to the culprit, to the person (Continued)

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