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The Director of the East Java Aswaja Center, KH Ma'ruf Khozin, emphasized that the teachings of Ahlussunnah wal Jamaah (Aswaja) offered by NU were different from those of Aswaja, the other groups which had also recently emerged. The NU version of Aswaja has a scientific and religious language.

“We should be grateful to be born in NU, because all the charities and teachings are teachers. We pray there is guidance from the teacher. So tomorrow in the hereafter we can answer that join in praying KH Hasyim Asy'ari, not YouTube,” he said while becoming a nara source in Aswaja Study for Educators and Education Personnel in the complex of Bahrul Ulum Tambakberas Islamic Boarding School, Jombang, East Java, Wednesday (02/01).

According to him, there are currently many groups of Jamaah who easily blame NU's amaliah. They even accused NU of being a bid'ah. Not only that, there was an assumption that NU residents only memorized Yasin's letter because only the letter was routinely read in various community study groups. Even though in fact many NU students memorized the Koran.


“Now there are writings that are distributed everywhere that contain the hadith about the recommendations to read the kahfi letter on Friday. In this article there is a narrative with NU Friday night reading the yasin and joining the prophet read kahfi. Even though yasin and kahfi read together there were hadiths. And the pesantren practiced both, “explained Kiai Maruf.

He said, the attitude that blamed NU's practice such as tahlilan and the distribution of 'blessings' still existed. Although it has been explained by the aqli and naqli arguments, but they continue to accuse the NU's guilt is heretical. Even though Amaliah NU has a clear passage to the Prophet Muhammad

“Islam entered Indonesia did not come easily. It must be brought by the best preachers of the era and the best strategy. We are grateful that NU's teachings connected to them to the prophet Muhammad SAW. This makes NU different and must be maintained, “he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Bahrul Ulum Foundation, Tambakberas, Jombang, KH Wafiyul Ahdi confirmed that the briefing was a step to ensure all Bahrul Ulum elements remain on the Nahdlatul Ulama track.

“We don't want anyone to deviate from NU, the participants of this activity are religious teachers and teachers who interact with the santri every day. So the term is like recharging the battery. Enthusiasm and live on,” he explained. ] (Sharif Rahman / Aryudi AR) .

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